10 Steps to Turn Your Side Hustle Legit with Bravely Freelance Starter Guide

Hola mi gente (Hello, my people), your girl has officially made it to Spain and is struggling with jet lag but I am here. I´ll share more with you later, but today we´re going to be talking about side hustles and money again. Yes,I know it isn´t Finance Friday or Money Monday, but it´s never too later or too early to discuss saving or getting a some coins as a freelancer. 

Kara , founder of  Bravely , reached out to me about reviewing her Bravely Freelance Starter Guide and I quickly and happily accepted because home girl is legit. Once I received the documents I was so glad I know. The guides includes text and video, you can tell a lot of thought and care went into this.  Her methodology is flawless and something I wish I´d had in my back pocket when I began freelancing, because it can be scary

What Comes in the Bravely Freelance Starter Guide

In this guide Kara walks you through the process of you creating your LLC, the importance having of an emergency, paying Uncle Sam and to send said funds to,  crafting a sound pitch, developing a solid invoice and so much more. 

As a writer, my favourite part was the pitching template. It can so daunting drafting your first pitch. I remember the days of wondering if I was too wordy, did I not provide a enough detail. Questioning if I needed more or less. While there are not guarantees this will get you the gig, it does help to alleviate some of the pressure. 

The Nitty Gritty of Bravely Freelance Starter Guide 

This baby comes with 10 chapters and 2 videos totaling 65 USD. You´ll have lifetime access to your guide, in case you slow down your process or decide to create another LLC. Once you hit pay it is yours. 

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Yes, I know Google is free.99 but sometimes dropping a few dollars will save you time and stress the long run. Instead of having 25 tabs open and a special bookmark folder ,because you´re afraid you´ll miss out on valuable information you can have it all in one neat little place. CTRL + F will be your friend and you´ll be thanking yourself. 

Whether you´re a writer, photographer, event planner, knitter you´ll find this guide and these videos helpful.  Our crafts may be different but the process of going legit isn´t. So if you think your freelance side hustles are worth investing in and going legit to CYA, go check out the Bravely Freelance Starter Guide. I promise it won´t disappoint.