12 Days of Blogmas Hostess Gift – Day 6

On the 6 day of Blogmas, Aitza gave to me, tips to be the perfect attendee!

So I decided to mix this week’s etiquette tip with blogmas, since I’m sure most of you are making last minute shopping trips before you’re off to visit loved ones, attend parties, or just drop in for a nice meal. If you aren’t giving the host/hostess an actual Christmas gift, a hostess gift might be well suited.

A “hostess” gift , is a small present that you can bring with you, or send afterwards, to thank your host/hostess for having you over for dinner, to a party, as a guest overnight, or something similar.  The gift need not be expensive, but it should be thoughtful.  

 For example, if you know the recipient loves chocolate, a small box of gourmet chocolates or chocolate bars would be nice. Other ideas are flowers, a plant, homemade baked goods (if you fancy that type of thing),  or a bottle of wine. It’s always gracious  to arrive with something in hand and to also send a thank-you note shortly after the occasion. 

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Hostess gift ideas for anyone looking to be an exceptional guest.

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