15 Things Dark Skin Girls Can Relate To


  • People give you strange looks when you slather on sunscreen. Melanin needs protection too!
  • Even when brands have the shade “dark”, it’s still too light for you
  • When you aren’t visible in nighttime photos,because the photographer didn’t use flash 
  • No matter how much time you spend outside tanning, you’re still 50 shades of brown 
  • You’ll find a near perfect foundation, but it doesn’t match your undertones 
  • You have to travel to “urban” areas to get beauty products geared towards you
  • Having to explain what it means to be ashy and why you have to put on lotion as soon as you get out of the shower
  • That feeling of sadness when you lose your summer glow
  • Having people tell you red lipstick doesn’t suit you
  • Listening to family members say “Don’t spend too much time in the sun. We don’t want you to disappear.”
  • You can’t buy drug store foundation because it doesn’t come in your shade. 
  • When people don’t understand shade can be your enemy (see photo above)
  • People tell you “you’re already dark enough” and might suggest skin bleaching
  • Lighting makes you go from dark skin to light skin
  • Finding a nude lipstick is a lot of trial and errors 
       Even with all these woes, you wouldn’t trade your melanin for anything in the world. 
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