30 Before 30 – Year 4 Update

Usually, my 30 Before 30 is reserved for the month of December, but I was taking a much-needed break from social media during that time, so we’re sliding in a month later.  Last year, I declared “I’m choosing to live 23 as a year of unknown; one where mindfulness is accepted and control is slowly released. ” I can say with certainty I did just that.

The New 30 Before 30

  1. Get my nose pierced
  2. Obtain my Masters
  3. Become fluent in Spanish
  4. Learn Portuguese
  5. Send Christmas cards every year
  6. Study and/or live abroad in Europe
  7. Blog consistently
  8. Spend time in Latin America
  9. Become a published author
  10. Get my license
  11. Consistently box/kickbox
  12. Have a net worth of 10K USD
  13. Grow my hair to BSL(bra strap length)
  14. Own a Chanel Bag
  15. Visit another country alone
  16. Learn to knit(in progress)
  17. Become a small business owner
  18. Return to playing the piano
  19. Learn to swim (I still need practice, but I won’t drown)
  20. Memorize 10 new scriptures
  21. Move to a new city in the US
  22. Live on my own
  23. Volunteer somewhere consistently
  24. Invest in Stock
  25. Expand my jewellery collection
  26. Get a tattoo
  27. Bake 30 new recipes (Time to crack open my Na’ne’s recipe book)
  28. Spend a holiday with Granddaddy
  29. Return to dabbling in photography
  30. Take a mother-daughter trip abroad
Petite black woman with Marley twists wearing beige hat, mustard pants, warby Parker glasses, vintage gold watch, and cream boat neck top

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As I reviewed this list, I couldn’t help but feel accomplished and proud of everything I did last year. Whether it was on this big list on not. Sometimes, I lie in bed at night, finding myself amazed I moved to another country on another continent. It is utterly mindblowing. Not because I didn’t believe it would happen – I’ve been saying it would since I was 14 – but more so how it came about and it not being anything at all how I imagined it would be

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If I had done what I imagined, the logical thing, the safe thing… I’d still be in the US. Likely working for a tech company and counting my vacation days so I could plan a trip to Scotland. At night I would journal, plotting my escape to Europe or Canada before the age of 30. Because 30 is reasonable. 30 is comfortable. But do we actually experience growth when we are comfortable?

As much as I believe in your 20s being your selfish and self centered yes, they should also be ones of growth. Why be self centered if you aren’t working to improve yourself and your life. For me, that is my 30 Before 30 is all about. Taking advantage of my still malleable brain, the privilege of youth, and freedom that is the absence of certain responsibilities to lay a solid foundation or the next six or seven decades. 

Petite black woman with Marley twists wearing beige hat, mustard pants, warby parker glasses, and cream boat neck top

I never envisioned my first solo trip being in Italy and staying in a hostel or celebrating Christmas in Germany with Bijan and her host family. But that is what is about, taking the unexpected and allowing yourself to live in the moment. To enjoy the beauty of it all. That is my goal for the next year. Enjoying the journey and the process of checking things off the list. 

Several years ago, Beyoncé spoke about allowing herself to be a tourist and truly experience the culture of various countries she visit. She recounted that she could say “I’ve been to France and I’ve been to England and I’ve been to India,” but only for work related trips. So she decided to remap those places and allow her gaze to be different. Some not focused on being the best she could be for her employees and fans and self but as a person relaxing. Whether it is travel or craft or money we shouldn’t lose the joy along the way. Life is about balance. The grit and grind and hustle should be coupled with joy and happiness and relaxation. Don’t burn yourself out trying to accomplish your goals. 

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Petite black woman with Marley twists wearing beige hat, mustard pants, camel colored backpack, and cream boat neck top

If 24 continues out the way it has been, that is what it has been teaching me and couldn’t be more grateful for it. 

Do you have a 30 Before 30 or some other sort of bucket list? What personal accomplishments are you proud of? What has life been teaching you? I would love to know, so drop me a line! 

Until Next Time

Aitza B

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