30 before 30

If you frequent my blog, you’ll know I’m referring to my 20s as my selfish years. It is a time in my life where I want to do things I wouldn’t necessarily do off the bat, accomplish a few goals I’ve set aside for myself,and truly enjoy life before I’m a tax paying citizen with a 9-5. 
( Who am I kidding. I’m going to be an anesthesiologist. I  won’t have a 9-5 unless I specialise in pain management.)

Anywho the list below is 30 things I’d like to check off before I turn 30. I started this a few years ago as a long term/short term goals and decided to consolidate. That gives me 10 years to do so. I’ve actually completed some,but I decided to share them with you all.
  1. Get my nose pierced
  2. Graduate medical school
  3. Become fluent in Spanish
  4. Learn French
  5. Be an expat in Canada
  6. Study abroad in Europe( ideally in the UK)
  7. Travel before medical school
  8. Spend time in Latin America
  9. Publish some form of literary work
  10. Get my license
  11. Become a pescaterian
  12. Perfect my winged eye liner
  13. Grow my hair to BSL(bra strap length)
  14. Own a Chanel Bag
  15. Visit another country alone
  16. Learn to knit(in progress)
  17. Become a small business owner
  18. Return to playing the piano
  19. Learn to swim (I still need practice,but I won’t drown)
  20. Memorize 10 new scriptures
  21. Move to a new city in the US
  22. Live on my own
  23. Volunteer somewhere consistency
  24. Invest in Stock
  25. Expand my jewellery collection
  26. Get an elephant tattoo
  27. Bake 30 new recipes (Time to crack open my Na’ne’s recipe book)
  28. Spend a holiday with Granddaddy
  29. Return to dabbling in photography
  30. Create a form of media centered around my travels.
As you can see, some of these are frivolous tasks,while others will be gradual and take prep-work and thought.  I would love to know what you all have planned as short and long term goals.

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