4 Ways to Earn Money for Your Travel Fund

With black female solo travel on the rise, it is important to focus on ways to earn money for your travel fund.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for a new way to make money. Maybe it’s to pay off debt or perhaps you want to travel every month as I do. With Black female solo travel on the rise, trying to earn more money to jump is something many Black women are trying to do.  If this is you, I’ve got news for you….there’s no easy way to do so. I’m sorry, I’ve got no magic formula for you. But I can offer you ways to make a few extra dollars while you sleep or you’re on the drop so you can continue to earn money for your travel fund.

Doing Hair

 One way I made a few extra dollars is by helping fellow Black women with their hair. We all know how tiresome and long it can be to remove braids or a weave. Often time these stylists are charging an arm and leg to do so and aren’t even washing your hair, but that’s another post for another day. If this is something you want to capitalize on, my advice is to research the average costs of this derive in your area and know off a few dollars so get business your way. $15 here and $40 there will surely add it. 

Heloing black women do their hair is a good way to earn money for your travel fund to experience female solo travel

This doesn’t only apply to removal services. If you know how to cornrow, flat twist, or refresh the box braid edges that’s something else you could do. Also, clip-ins have become a popular way to add length or protective style. If you know how to style, you can buy bundles and start making/selling clip-ins for people in your community.  You’re clearly not going to charge professional prices if you aren’t a pro, but this a good way to not only hone your skills but also make a few dollars here an there. Putting this money in a high-interest savings account or somewhere like Acorns will help you overtime 

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Affiliate Marketing

So here’s the cool thing about affiliate marketing, you don’t have to be an influencer to get involved. Sure if you happen to be a somewhat popular blogger, Insta-famous, or YouTube star the chances are you’ll make more. But all you’ve truly got to do is share your knowledge with family or friends on some digital platform where you have a decent number of followers of you can earn a few coins from promoting products and services you like. 

For example, every time someone I know uses my Rakuten (formerly Ebates) link to sign up and makes a purchase over a certain amount, I receive $25. That may not seem like a lot but if you get eight people to use your link, you’ve just earned yourself $200. Not to shabby right. 

Or let’s say on Facebook or Instagram, you spend a lot of time talking about your children and parenting. You might be eligible for the Amazon Affiliate program. With this program, you receive an affiliate link and any who that makes a purchase via that link, you can a small percentage. This percentage varies by category of the item and how many items were bought and/or returned. Even if it isn’t the product you were raving about, you get a cut of the proceeds. Isn’t that quite nice. So you might’ve been talking about school supplies but the person sees a deal for toilet paper, the money still comes your way. 

 If you do happen to be a traveler and have amassed as at least 1,000 followers on a platform, I’d tell you to apply for the program. Suggesting things like your favorite luggage or haircare products or even portable scale could lead to you getting a decent amount of revenue each month. Remember friends, cents makes dollars. Dollars fund trips. 

Website Development/ Setup 

So this one might require you to invest a little time and maybe even money, but it’ll pay for itself tenfold. You’d be surprised how many local businesses don’t have websites or if they do, they’re very outdated and have poor design/ UX (user experience ). After you watch a few YoutTube videos, put in some practice,  and develop a small portfolio start pitching businesses. Sure they have Instagram or Facebook but what happens if those sites go down or decide to delete their accounts. They’ve just lost a lot of clients. That’s every small business owners nightmare. 

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With black female solo travel on the rise, it is important to focus on ways to earn  money for your travel fund.

Sure they may say “Well I don’t know anything about maintaining a website, it’s too complicated,” this is where you sell yourself. Choose a price you’re comfortable and offer them a monthly maintenance fee. It could something as small as $10-$20 a month. but that’s $120-$240 and you’ll likely have to do very little work. Maybe go in and update some plugins or add some pictures for the client. You get a couple of clients like that and you’ve already stashed away enough in your travel fund for a few trips.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want a traditional side hustle this might be a good fit for you. The drawback is while traveling your client might need you, but if you manage to do maintenance before a trip, you’ll likely avoid these issues. if you don’t know much about website development or setup, watch some  YouTube videos and check out Code Academy.  There’s a whole Black Tech and Women in Tech community on Twitter willing to offer help. Just browse the hashtags #BlackTechTwitter and #WomeninTech, you’ll find your tribe. It’ll do you more good than you’d ever imagined. 


Like web development, VIPKid is another easy way to earn money remotely, but it gives you more freedom and more flexibility than working at a local business.  I’ve previously talked about VIPKID being a secret side hustle and how to crack the code with earning extra money, especially if you have a decent network of people who are interested in getting into the online ESL( English as a Second Language) gang. I consider it to be the most flexible in terms of picking up an extra job.  With a competitive base pay and bonuses, you have people racking in $2,500 – $5,000 a month.  During the school year due to living in Spain and wanting some weekends open, I average about $1500 a month. 


This dope part is it can be done from anywhere in the world.It doesn’t matter if you’re having a chill weekend at home or on in some Caribbean island planning to soak up some sun. As long as you have an iPad/ laptop and WiFi you’re good to go. My students often ask about my travels and it becomes another way to bond with regulars. Not only are you teaching them another language, but you’re also helping to expand their world view and helping to shape them into global citizens. If you think you this is a good fit for you, you can sign up through my link here and start the application process!

My inbox is always open if you have any questions about the process or need tips/tricks. 

Hopefully, this has given you lovelies a few ideas of how to make a few more coins each month for traveling as I do. Sure it all comes down to budgeting but if you see there’s no wiggle room in your budget the only thing to do is make more money. If you have other ways I didn’t mention I’d love to hear about them. Ya girl is always looking for another stream of income. 

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