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Origin: Basque
Meaning: One of a surprise


I’m a 20 something, 5 foot 2 bundle of sass and sarcasm with a love for wine and whiskey currently living in Ourense, Spain. A creative thinker and a do-er. I am a firm believer that any issue can be solved with a hot cup of tea and a clear perspective. Tweeting about pop culture and reading a book a day are my addictions, and I somehow find time to blog in between.


I am a Native Florida turned Tar Heel (#GDTBATH) with a degree in Organizational Communication and have experience working in health care, development, marketing, and project management. Upon graduation, I found myself working part time  in communication and freelancing in photography. Still not quite satisfied with the lack of job opportunities, I enrolled in a web developer bootcamp. There I found myself falling in love with front-end coding and user experience. I began to network and discover ways to cross over to the tech field. Yet with a new set of skills in my toolbox,  I still felt restless and discontent. So I applied to teach English in Spain, wanting to improve my foreign language skills and challenge myself, and it turned out the be the best decision I made. It has given me the freedom to lay the groundwork for my own web design company and develop a portfolio for a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction. It has also given me the freedom and ability to travel without the fear that I will not have money in my bank account for other wants and needs.

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Behind the Blog

As a pop culture and social media connoisseur there just isn’t enough representation of Black women, particularly darker skinned Black women, living their best lives. There are so few narratives and imagines of us being carefree and not taking on innumerable amounts of labor to save the world. Petitely Packaged is my brainchild where that changes. It is a place where Black American women feel seen, heard, and encouraged, and understood. It is somewhere success through travel are as important as finances. The world is larger than our small corner and we should feel empowered to discover it.  Black women should feel as excited about visiting a town halfway across their state as they would a country halfway across the world. Whether it is solo, group, family, international, or domestic however they chose to travel is important as long as they are being financially responsible. We deserve to see ourselves represented through travel and financial success.

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Petitely Packaged was birthed out of the need for representation. So that someone like me, a petite, darker skinned Black woman with wishy washy skin but a dope sense of style could see herself in images. In some ways, crafting Petitely Packaged similar to what motivated me to pursue a formal education in Communication and Anthropology. It’s another way to understand humans, communicate effectively, and be a problem solver. Which is textbook Aitza. My hope is to share my love for photography, desire to be financially literate, experiences as a Black woman traveling, and petite style finds with you all; all while adding a little brightness to your lives by helping you live your best lives.


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