Gift Guide for Tea Lovers – Blogmas Day 2

12 fun gifts to give the tea lover in your life this #holiday season. | #blogmas 2017
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On the second day of Blogmas, Aitza gave to me…..a gift to make any tea lover in your life happy!


Happy Monday! Happy Birthday, Hov! Happy Birthday, Tat!

12 fun gifts to give the tea lover in your life this #holiday season. | #blogmas 2017

Today, I’m giving y’all a gift guide for tea lovers. I know I mention it all the time, but I am 100% team tea. Coffee is only had when pulling an all nighter. Tea if for daily consumption. If you have someone like that in your life, this tea lover’s give guide will you aid in finding them the perfect gift for the holidays no matter what your budget may be.


A Tea Shirt


Coffee drinkers get “But first, Coffee” shirts, so it is only fitting us tea drinkers have our own cute and punny shirts as well. You can find different variations and price points on Etsy, but the one picture is my favourite.

Tea Wallet / Holder

You know what I’m not doing? Going to brunch and spending $4 on some offbrand tea and a cup of hot water. If the tea lover in your life is like me, neither are they. We request a cup of hot water and pul out or beloved favourite tea bag to go with our bottomless brunch and endless mimosas. A tea wallet makes it easy to keep teas organised on the go and accessible at any moment.

Tea Infuser Bottle

For those who refuse to drink anything but loose leaf tea, this is the gift for them. This allows them to brew their loose leaf tea at work, while visit friends, or just out and about running errands. Be sure to choose a bottle that is double walled and has the infuser at the top, which allow the drinker to easily remove the loose leaves and keep their beverage hot or cold for as long as possible.

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Tea Stainer

As stated above, I’m all for tea bags on the go. At home I am a fan of loose leaf tea. Loose leaf is honestly the highest quality you can receive when it come to tea and a strainer is your best friend when you’re attempting to reach that level.

Loose Leaf Tea

This can be personal, so I suggest you ask your giftee or have them shop with you when you’re selecting loose leaf tea for them.  I’m a big fan of black and green teas with fruity notes. Some people prefer more hints of toast and wood. Last year I took a friend to have her own blend crafted and it was such an exciting experience.

Glass Tea Pot

While I love my electric kettle for it’s convenience, there is nothing like preparing my loose leaf tea in my glass tea pot. I find the process rather claiming and one of the bright spots of my day. It truly heightened my appreciation of tea making, as it is not the same experience as that of a ceramic pot.


That’s all she wrote folks. If you are a tea lover, I’d love to know if you have any of these items in your kitchen or would like to receive some