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Back to school season is upon us. Refund checks have finally hit bank accounts and people are making those little last minute purchases. It is rather strange time for me because for the first time in 17 years I’m not preparing myself to reset my brain from summertime to school time. Yet so many of my friends and cousins have moved back into their dorms and making last minute changes to their class schedules. Oh, how I don’t miss that yet. As they ready themselves, one of the things they’ll be needing a planner to stay in order. Enter Class Tracker Planner by Lesley Martin.

Class Tracker Planner for College Students

What We’re Working With

The Class Tracker is a 7 inches x 8.5 inches coil vounde palnner with a variety of six colours: navy, red, black, green, coral and sea foam. The front and back offer poly covers for extra protection. The planner offers a semester, monthly, and weekly breakdown with space to write down assignments, tests/papers/quizzes, activities, and to-do lists. As far as modern day planners go, it only cost 19.99 USD which is on the cheaper-mid price.


ClassTracker is the planner every student needs to stay organised |



What Doesn’t Tickle My Fancy

There is not much I can complain about when it comes to the Class Tracker Planner. As the nod to the time of my blog and my own stature, I prefer my planners to be petitely packaged. Something I can fit into a clutch or very small bag. With the dimensions of this planner, which are standard size, I cannot do that. Also, for anyone taking summer classes, this might not be for you, as the calendar ends with the month of June instead of July.

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Here’s What I Fancy

Let’s start with the organisation of it all. As someone who often felt like didn’t have a proper place to put smaller assignments such as mini readings or quick responses, the designated space is much appreciated. I think this is a perfect planner for any recovering procrastinators as it is all broken down for you.


As I progressed in my college career, I transitioned from wearing a backpack every day to carrying a tote/purse. This planner is portable enough to fit in my smallest tote without taking up too much space. Although I’m not currently in school, Class Tracker has helped me stay organised with my freelance work and upcoming interviews. With the cute little motivational quotes at the bottom of pages, how can I not stay on task!

But what really sold me is the price. There are a lot of students swarming in debt or sending money back home or trying to save for post-grad life. They don’t have the luxury of spending $30,$40, or $50 on a planner. Martin has kept to her mission of making this truly for students by offering a product with all the trimmings to stay organised with being budget friendly.







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