College Life | Earthy Business Casual Looks and Changing the Culture

Hi all,

I hope you’re having a great week. Originally I was going to share a post on how to properly celebrate rivalry week, but instead I’m living in denial about the loss of my team last night. It hurt so much you would’ve thought I’d gone through a breakup as I sang 90s breakup songs in the shower before bed. If you are one of the people following me on my personal social media accounts, you’ll know how deeply I took this loss to heart.

But on a lighter note, because it hurts too much to talk about the game, if  you follow me on Tumblr or Instagram you likely saw a video of me earlier the month, showing off my outfit of the day.

A video posted by ItzaBri (@thebabycakesbriauna) on Feb 4, 2016 at 2:14pm PST

 The event I attended was discussion around Greek life and interpersonal violence on campus. The conversation flowed freely and I was able learn more about the good measures, institutional struggles, and grievances students and Greek Organisations on campus were experiencing. It was a safe space to acknowledge the issue, educate others about resources on campus, and share possible ways various organisations could combat said violence.

 While I am not a member of a Greek organisation, I am happy various ones on campus came together to put this event on. There’s such a strong culture of date rape, hypermasculinity, and lack of safety that has become synonymous with being Greek or attending Greek events that it can impact the social scene. At a university like mine that is under federal review for how sexual assault cases have been handled, knowing students are being proactive in changing this culture is hopeful. 

Although the conversation had a much more informal feel to it once we got past the introductory stage, the dress code was a bit less casual . So often when we hear business casual the first colour palette that comes to mind requires black, grey, or navy – which might be so for corporate or finance industries- but events like the one I attended provide more leeway on what can be interpreted as business casual.

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// As I was already wearing earthy/neutral tones, it seemed to be a good idea to remain in that family, so this is my earthy twist on a business casual look.

Due to the layer aspect and the thicker materials of the pieces chosen, a peacoat wasn’t required to keep me warm. The majority of these pieces have been in my wardrobe for at least 2 years and this was the first time I thought to put them together. The flats featured here aren’t the ones I wanted to wear, but my room was a mess and I couldn’t find my nude flats, yet they pulled the look together better than I had envisioned with the other flats.

As I continue to figure this thing called college out, I find myself putting away jeans and hoodies and gravitation to slacks and coats more frequently. Pulling this look together taught me I did have clothing generally worn as casual could be repurposed into something more refined.

 Do you have a preferred colour palette you tend to stick to for looks? Has your university held events similar to the one I attended? Also did your team win during rivalry week? Feel free to comment below, sending me an ask on Tumblr, or tweet me!

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Aitza Briauna

Polka Dot Chambray – J Crew (similar) // Pants – H&M (similar)// Cable Knit Sweater – H&M (similar | similar) // Blazer – Ross (similar |  similar )