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Groupon savings

Hi All,

So we’re entering into a new realm with sponsored posts, but I do hope you find this content relevant to your every day lives.

Now from messages, comments, and other forms of communication I know several of you all are college students. There’s nothing college students love more than ways to save money (if we don’t count free things). Groupon Coupons can definitely help you save a few coins to add to your liquor fund or late night pizza fund.

If you’re like me you go to Groupon to get deals on local events or venues and perhaps the occasional replacement for your iPhone charger, but one of the best kept secrets is Groupon Coupons. Unlike a Groupon Deal where you’re purchasing your product right then and there to receive a deal, the coupon feature replaces of clipping our grandparents (or parents) did way back when, which means it’s completely free.

Free 99 yall! 

Let’s say your prof has you reading a book, an actual book, and you decide to purchase it from Barnes & Noble. Before you make that purchase you should look for the deals Groupon Coupons has for BN . Currently they have 15% off one item and free shipping. That means the book you were going to spend $11.95 on is now a $10.15 and you don’t have to pay USPS to get it to you.  Isn’t that amazing.

Those few dollars I’ve saved have gone towards my savings and treating myself during my birthday month. When you’re living on a budget the tiniest of savings can make all the difference in the long run. I hope you can find some use of this and learn to enjoy it as much as I do when I find coupons meeting my criteria.
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