What To Bring To College Orientation

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As some of you may know, I’m taking summer classes this year. My campus is rather breathtaking during the summertime, and for the first month, it was serene. Then along came orientation and the class of 2019. I often find myself complaining about the large groups, wandering parents, and slow walkers. I detest slow walkers!
However, those groups inspired today’s post: What to bring to orientation. It seems not too long ago I was packing for my orientation before heading to a quick NYC getaway. It’s so much to take on in so little time, but these few suggestions should make the process smoother. 
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  • Water/Water BottleIt’s been in the low – high 90s here. From what I remember and what I observed, orientation requires a great deal of walking. Whether it’s making your way from session to session or trying to get a feel of the campus, chances are you will be outside. The last thing you want is to become dehydrated or have a heat stroke. You can opt for a plastic water bottle, or if you’ll be attending an Eco-friendly uni like mine that has filtered water fountains, a reusable bottle will suffice.
  • Comfy Shoes: As I just mentioned, orientation involves a great deal of walking. At least at UNC it does. Now is not the time to break the new kicks that need to be broken in. My campus has a lot of brick, so I typically suggest Converse or Birkenstocks to get around.
  • Hair Ties: Like I said it’s hot and perhaps even humid in your area. There’s nothing worse than having hairs sticking to the back of your neck or side of your face as you listen to your orientation leader! Do yourself a favour and pull your hair back.
  • Tote/ Large Purse/ Backpack: I know I received all sorts of bits and bobs and trinkets during orientation, and you likely will too. While a crossbody is cute and lightweight, it’s not ideal for carrying all you’ll be receiving during orientation. A tote sized purse or bag will allow you to keep everyone in a centralised location that you can review once you’re home or pass along to your parents. 
  • Notepad and PenPersonally I like to take notes on phone, but they aren’t always appropriate during different sessions. Make sure you have a notebook and pen stashed away in that bag. The smallest gestures could be interpreted as good manners.
  • Important Documents: It’s a good idea to have all the documents you’ll need ( transcripts, copy of birth certificate or passport, immunisation, etc.). Place them in a folder or envelope so they will all be accessible.
  • List of Questions: You’re going to be entering new territory soon, no question is too silly if it’ll help you prepare for the big move in the fall. Your orientation leaders are there to help you. If they cannot help you, chances are they will find someone who can. 
More than anything, have good a time! If anyone else has advice offer please leave it below.
Aitza B

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