Travel – Surviving Delayed Flights

What to do when you’re stuck in the airport around the holidays

Over the next few weeks, I’m sure many of you will be traveling via plane to Celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, or just PTO with family, friends, and loved ones. In a perfect world, you’ll wiz through TSA, leisurely make your way to your departure gate, and have the perfect flight. If you’re one of the lucky few, know that the rest of your fellow travelers probably hate you. If you’re the person who misses their connecting flight due to weather, finds their flight delayed because a crew member is sick, or the skyways just happen to be too congested here’s how you can kill some time.

8 ways to pass time and survive a delayed flight this holiday #travel season

Catch Up on Email

If you seem to never have an empty inbox, this might be a good time to clear it out. If you know you have an hour or so until your flight takes off, why not get rid of those pesky emails that don’t require much brain power to respond to. You might even be helping someone complete their to-do list.


If you aren’t a knitter, being stuff in the airport might not be the best time to start. But if you’re a professional knitter or do it in spare time, pull those needles out of your carry on and get those stitches right and tight. Who knows by the time you board your flight you might have a potential gift for a loved one.

Read a Book

If you aren’t easily distracted, now is the time to return to the book you carry around with you on flights. You know the one that’s still stuck on page 145 out of 522. You swear you’re going to finish it one day, so why not make one day today ( or the day air control decides you’re stuck in New York for three more hours).

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Get a Massage

Sitting in those chairs,  telling your significant other you don’t know when you’ll make it in, or trying to find overnight accommodations can be stressful. It might call for an emergency massage. The airports I frequent the most MCO(Orlando), RDU(Raleigh), LGA(New York), ATL ( Atlanta) have XpresaSpa. I’ve never tried out their services, but whenever I pass by the customer seem to be having a pleasant experience.





Let’s be honest, having a delayed flight can be stressful. It might mean missing your connecting flight, limited time with your loved ones once you reach your destination, or absorbing all the negative energy around you. You don’t have to sit with your legs crossed and a blanket over your head for complete darkness, but you can meditate in the middle of the airport. Find a seat, pick a soothing tune, close your eyes and clear out your brain. It’s a good mental reset.

Start a New Series

When in doubt, watch a TV show. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video now allow customers to download select series and movies to view offline. So if there’s a show or movie you’ve been dying to watch, make sure to download it to your device before departure. If you need some suggestions and have unlimited data to burn on streaming, feel free to check on shows on my Netflix & Knit list or just tweet me. I’ll likely response while you’re stranded in the airport.

Play a Game

If you aren’t traveling alone, you and your travel buddy should play a game if you haven’t driven each other crazy. When I was at Disney, Bijan and I played Ellen’s Heads Up game. It’s a great way to get some laughs and get your blood flowing if you’re as dramatic as I am. The great thing about technology is having so many game apps you can download to keep you entertained.

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Roam the Airport

During 2016 fall break I took a trip to Detroit to visit some family. While I had no delayed flights, I took some time to roam around the airport. It’s super clean. I swear it is the cleanest American airport I’ve set foot in. They have amazing, local food options as well as familiar chains for those who don’t like new things. If you know how long your flight is delayed and you’re stuck in a sizeable airport look around. Some airports allow you to venture off to different terminals so take advantage of those perks. You might find cute photo opportunities, stumble upon some live music,  discover nice overpriced trinkets to purchase or find yummy meal options to fill your belly.


That’s all I have folks. I’d love to know if there’s anything you do to kill time in the airport or even while stuck on the runway.


Aitza B