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Happy Friday,

The sun is shining, there’s a little breeze, and my glow is back, so I can’t complain, and I hope the same can be said for you all. Since the weekend is here and some of you might be going out for Happy Hour or dinner with classmates, colleagues, or friends to take in the carefree nature of all summer weekends have to offer, I thought this might be a good time to bring the etiquette series back and remind you all how important tipping is.

Tipping Saves Lives 


If you’re interning or taking summer classes, it might already be a stretch in your budget to dine out at a restaurant or get drinks at a bar, but this is an expected part of dining in the US. It is usual to shoot for 15-20%, so you should factor that amount with whatever drink or dish you choose. Being in college, I’ve met so many people who work in the service industry, who are paid very low wages and depend on those tips to make it through the month. You could be saving someone’s life by properly tipping.

Start Building Healthy Habits Early

College aged people already have a bad rep for being poor tippers, so do what you can to fight against the stereotype. By doing so, you’ll be helping someone get proper payment for their labour and creating a healthy habit for when you do have more expendable income. Although this isn’t the most exciting thing to hear if you can’t tip maybe you shouldn’t be going out. Part of growing up is budgeting, and if you can’t budget in a tip this service isn’t meant for you at the moment. You wouldn’t go into a store and expect to receive a shirt or bag or game without having sufficient funds and that’s the mindset to have when dining out.

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Be Responsible and Know Your Budget

Since I’m following my budget, I won’t be going out for drinks or dinner this weekend. Instead, I’d be sipping out wine, watching Orphan Black and Grantchester,  practising my drawing sketches, and tackling my summer reading list. How responsible of me!

Now that I’ve been the fun police and killed your weekend, I have some goodies to offer you all. If you don’t know I have a little Etsy shop selling printables and I thought I’d share some freebies with you all to celebrate the summer.

          //Endless Summer//         //Summer Watermelon Waiting//
Have a Great Weekend!
Aitza B

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