Gift Guide for Photography Lovers

A small #gift guide for those looking to give the photography lovers in their lives a personalised gift during this holiday season.

It’s that time of the year where people are starting to gear up for Black Friday sales, send out “what do you want for Christmas texts?”, and doubling checking lists to make sure all the right families members are on the shopping list. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for 5 people or 15 people, it can be difficult to pick out the right gift, especially if you life to go the more personal route. That’s why you have me. Each week until Christmas I’ll be posting a gift guide to help your holiday shopping experience be a bit more stress free. Up first is the Gift Guide for Photography Lovers.

Fashionable Camera Strap

Scarf Camera Strap from Vintage Clothespin on Etsy, the perfect holiday #gift for the photography lover in your life.













I am of the believe that camera straps should match the photographer’s personality,be fashionable, and comfortable. Why walk around as free advertisement for a company that as already gotten hundreds or thousands of dollars from you. This scarf Camera strap from TheVintageClothespin on Etsy is a perfect example of a strap that is would be perfect for event or wedding photographers looking to use their camera as an accessory.

Cost: $25+

Triangular Glass Prism

Gift this triangular glass prism to your photography lovers so they can tap into their creative sides.











Prisms are excellent tools for photographers looking at add creative effects to their photography. The prism bends light, adding another live of beauty to photos. The standard size for a trinagular prism is 6 inches as it’s large enough to cover to width of lens yet compact enough to fit in ones hand without discomfort.

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Cost: $15+

Protective Wraps

These protective wraps are perfect for photographers who like to throw their cameras in everyday bags and go.














Protective Wraps are great for those photographers who love to throw their camera body and a lens in their everyday bag and takes off. They aren’t usually thick and bulky but provide enough protection against jumbles and scratches.  Domke are some of the best wraps on the market, available in various sizers and colors.

Cost: $15+


Warning, do not buy these before you talk to your giftee. Presets are personal as everyone comes with a different editing style. Some people perfect bright and airy finished products while others fancy darker,muted tones. If you know a photographer just starting out and trying to find their style, presets can be super helpful. You can find them on smaller Etsy shops or big name brands like MastinLabs and VSCO.

Cost: $10+ for Etsy / $60+ big brands

Portable Drives / Cloud Subscription

A photographer can never have too much storage. If your photography lover a portable hard drive this Christmas.












A photography lover can never have too much storage. Be the person a novice or professional they’ll want somewhere to unload unedited photos and final edits that won’t eat up all the space on their computers. If they’re anything like me and saves photos in 3 separate locations just in case, the more options the better.

I use iCloud and OneDrive for cloud subscriptions and Seagate and WD for my external drives

Cost:$50+ .

Comfortable Shoes

The perfect comfy shoes to gift the photographer in your life this holiday season












Much like with the presets, I would say  hold off on making this purchase until you converse with person as comfortability is subjective. Whether the person is a wedding photographer on their feet for 8+ hours or doing quick 30 miniute sessons, comfort is key. Footwear makes all the difference when it comes to executing a shoot.

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I have heard wonderful things about Tieks and plan to invest in a pair myself. Until then I’ll continue to rock my Converse and  Aerosoles 

Cost: $45+

Camera Lens Travel Mug

This camera lens travel mug is the perfect stocking stuffer for the photography lover in your life. Check out my gift guide for photography lovers for more gifts options.











This is one of my favourite gifts to give. I love it some much that I bought myself one. This creative stainless mug is designed to look and feel like a real lens. It is quite the conversation piece when out and about. It may be good want to drum up business once the conversation gets going.

I purchased my gifts from Amazon but have see similar mugs at Kohls and Walmart.

Cost: $8+

That’s all I have for this week folks. Hopefully this gift guide will aid you in finding the perfect gift for your photography lover.  If you’re doing your gift shopping online, don’t forget to sign up for Ebates so you can get some of your cashback and treat yourself in the new year! Be sure to check back next week for my Gift Guide for Tea Lovers post.


Aitza B