It’s Virgo Season + My Intro Into the Beyhive & The Amazing World of Listicles!

Hi all,

Long time no talk. For all my fellow Americans, it’s my wish you all had a delightful holiday weekend. Mine wasn’t anything special,but I enjoyed the mini breather it provided me as the semester is coming at me fast. If you follow me on Twitter or IG  you  know my internship is over; my senior year has begun; my birthday is a few short weeks away, but we’re going to celebrate all month, because it’s Virgo season! If you didn’t know, well now you do.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of writing for my short story and adjusting to being back in school. Outside of my personal writing, I recently contributed to kelsaywhat the listicle of a fellow Tar Heel, Kelsey Weekman. A project birthed in a class has become one of a my favourite things to read Sunday afternoons, and I encourage you all to subscribe and get a few good chuckles to start your week off.

This Sunday aka Bey Day aka Beyoncé’s 35th birthday I received the privilege of contributing to kelsaywhat about the moment i accepted my status a member of the Beyhive.

Picture it *Sophia Petrillo voice * Raleigh, NC. May 3rd, 2016. The night sky is menacing and stormy; its wicked tantrum of shrieks, tears, and firebolts still fresh on the lips and skin of many. A petite woman with sepia brown skin stands in a sea of thousands, wobbling on a slippery chair in an attempt to square dance without falling ungracefully on her face. This is her second time seeing the Queen in person, this time she’s so close she can also touch her. If someone had told her three years ago she’d wiling give her hard earned coins to Beyoncé, she would have cackled in their faces until she doubled over with tears. Yet here she is, jamming to her fellow Virgo and September baby, trying to recall the square dancing lessons she received in elementary school.

If you’d like to read the rest of my story or experience the greatness Kelsey has to offer- seriously y’all think a weekly version of theSkimm but for pop culture- check it out here. Also follow her on Twitter for some quality tweets. Check back tomorrow to peep one of the OOTD posts I’ve been hoarding the last month.

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Aitza B