Journey to Clear Skin: Exfoliation & Mario Badescu Products

mario badescu skin care for hyperpigmentation and acne scars

Happy Hump Day All,

No skin update pictures this week because my computer has been acting funky; guess it’s for a trip to the Apple Store. Instead I’m going to update you all on the product line I’ve been using for the last year. Some of you may even remember it from my introductory post.

After watching Youtube videos, scouring blogs, and reading PubMed articles I decided to switch from Clinique products to Mario Badescu products. Clinique been my go-to for about 5 years, but I wasn’t getting my desired results.

One of the biggest changes was switching from products which targeted acne treatment to those for all over skincare needs. After a while the body becomes dependent on the active ingredients in those line of products as well as being harsh on the skin due to the aggressive nature of said active agents, and that’s what I was working away from.

The main type of products I wanted were ones with AHAs ( Alpha Hydroxy Acids). These are gentle exfoliants that help fight against breakouts, aging,  and uneven skin tone, as they work on your two outermost layers of skin and are most commonly found in the form of glycolic and lactic acids.

Not Your Typical Exfoliant

During my hunt, great things were said about Paula’s Choice products, but I decided on Mario Badescu because it was the most cost-efficient option. The Glycolic Foaming Cleanser has been a weekly staple of mine and only a 10th of the bottle has been used. I was skeptical of such reports but a little goes a long way and gets the job done.

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I can usually tell which day of the week I need to exfoliate and afterward my skin feels fresh and smooth and even my pores feel to be empty.

You’re Never Too Young for Serum

This is followed up with the Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C is used to improve overall skin tone, regenerate collagen, and fade hyperpigmented spots. This brand is a bit pricey, it took me a while to bite the bullet, but like the cleanser, I have more than enough to last. One of the reasons I was willing to take this dent is some Vitamin C products are geared towards skin bleaching and I didn’t want to take that chance and wind up looking like Sammy Sosa.  Some nights this is the only product I use after washing and other I’ll top it all off with the Oil Free Moisturizer.

Moisture is Key

It’s a product that can be used day or night and all year long. It has SPF of 30 and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, clogged, or oily. My bottle was purchased last April and I’ll be ordering its replacement in August.

Now, these items might not be cure-alls but they have certainly helped me, so if you’re in the market for new skin care products you might want to give them a try. There are other AHA products offered that I haven’t tried, but will link below in case you’re interested.  You can order them from various sites online or even head to your location Nordstrom or Ulta.

I would love to know what you all have been using during your skin care journey. Feel free to comment or tweet me links.

Until Next Time,

Aitza B

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