Journey to Clear Skin | One Year Reflection

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Hi lovelies,

I hope all you beautiful people had as great of a weekend as I did. I spent mine with family, my cousin’s oldest daughter turned two, so I celebrated with them. Afterwards, we went to her aunt and uncle’s house for the grown-up party. There was merengue, bachata, a two-step, dutty wine, and twerking going on. Not to mention to food was spot on! All in all, it was time well spent.

Anywho, enough my leisurely rambles. It has come to my attention I started this skin care journey approximately a year ago, so I thought we could have a here and now comparison. I’ll be the first to admit this hasn’t been a smooth process, which is the reason I started again, Since this process is as much for me as it is you all, I figured a bit of reflection would do us all some good.

Hyperpigmentation Progress


Left Side

 Right Side

Look at these pictures my skin has come a long way. Sometimes it’s easy to look in the mirror and not see the changes or focus on the negative aspects. Like that white head that popped up in July 2016 Right Side picture thanks to a bentonite mask I tried out, I’m thankful it pulled out those impurities. The reduced amount of pigment is mostly in part to sunscreen, retin-A, and Mario Badescu products. If I were to only look at my skin today, it would be so easy for me to feel as if my regime wasn’t working and this was all a waste, but look at what a year as soon for my skin. Not only is there nearly no breakout, even during menstrual cycles, but the hyperpigmented areas are also noticeably lighter.
The other day I was feeling a bit down because it seemed like much hadn’t changed with my skin and I might actually be relapsing, so I started scrolling through my blog and photos stored away and saw signs of the visible change I had forgotten.
Let this be act as a reminder to you all. There will be times you need to reflect on where you’ve been to appreciate where you are now. The efforts you’re making out of repetition, even the mundane ones,  matter, so don’t give up on yourself or your journey.
Until Next Time,
Aitza B

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