Journey to Clear Skin Series: Week 2

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all have had a wonderful week thus far! As promised here is this week’s photo update.

This side of my face has the least amount of hyperpigmentation. Hopefully it’ll show fading soonest.

The hyperpigmentation here gives off the illusion I have several break outs,but I promise it’s mostly discolouration. 

If you look here you’ll see I have a few break outs. There’s two explanations for that: hormones and chocolate. I knew what the repercussions of adding chocolate to my diet would be,but sometimes you have to say to hell with it. It’s nothing a little tea tree oil didn’ t help fix.
I also had some peeling around my nose from a cold and using tissue every waking hour. That seems to have cleared up now with no lasting effects. That’s all folks. 

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