Journey to Clear Skin Week 3: Hair and Breakouts

How your hair might be contributing to more acne breakouts on your face and what to do to prevent this from happening in the future.
Hi y’all,

Happy Monday and all that jazz!  The Panthers lost SB50 which is disappointing because I looking forward to new dabbing gifs, Krispy Kreme, and Bojangles. There’s always next year I suppose. Anywhoooo, that’s not why I’m here today. I want to touch a bit more on the relation of hair, face, and breakouts.

Paying attention to my skin has included tracking when I break out. As I’ve gotten older the breakouts are far and few between, mainly during my monthly cycle, but the hyperpigmented scarring is still there. Tracking my breaks out has come in handy as it reduces them.

The Tracking Process

Although I did not keep a formal journal, my memory is superb,  I would recommend doing so just to track changes over time and have something you can reference. For instance, I noticed after I washed my hair with a certain shampoo I would get breakouts on my forehead, side of my face, and my chest. Once I stopped using that particular brand the breakouts did not occur after my hair cleansing process.

Similarly, I noticed when I wore my hair out and down, the areas where my hair touched my face would be riddled with little white heads. Even though I keep the products I use to a bare minimum these days, they can still contribute to adding oiliness to my skin, thus clogging my pores even more. This also goes for applying hair products. You want to try your best to avoid the areas you’re prone to experiencing breakouts, so you aren’t contributing to clogging your pores by allowing oils, bacteria, silicone, and all that other fun stuff to get trapped.

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The Remedy 

By opting for hairstyles that keep hair contact to my forehead and cheeks at a minimum I noticed a reduction of breakouts in those hairs. Also since my hair wasn’t there, my hand in head syndrome, which often led to hand on face syndrome.

Opting for a style such as this where my hair is pulled away from forehead and cheeks

Opposed to this look here way my hair is covering my cheeks makes a huge difference in terms of actively reducing my exposure to agents that might cause whiteheads and blackheads to appear.

Little changes such as these helped to ensure I wasn’t working against myself. The would be no point on focusing on lightening these spots if I  was actively contributing to more breakouts that were no necessary.

The Update Photos

…here we have the photos for week 3. If you look on my right side you’ll notice a new scar. I had a blackhead and began to pick at it. Eventually, I got it out, but picking at it make the scar much larger than it could have been. I need to work on my delayed gratification.

Until Next Time,
Aitza B

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How your might be contributing to more acne breakouts on your face and what to do to prevent this from happening in the future.