Journey to Clear Skin Week 4: Clean Linen

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Hi all,

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day weekend. Mine was spent celebrating Damola’s twentieth birthday and party hopping because everyone wanted to celebrate. I’ll fill you in on all of that and share the photos later this week.
Since today is snowday, technically ice day, I’m spending it by cleaning my room, submitting more applications, and working on a paper. I’m hoping that we’ll beat Duke on Wednesday so my morning class will be cancelled in honour of the celebration.
Anywho this is week 4 of update photos. This week I had three pimples on the right side of my face which was unexpected, because it isn’t that time of the month nor have I have changed my routine. The only thing I can think is I need to try to look into getting some different pillow cases. I change my sheets weekly,but I’m thinking the cotton could still harbour more bacteria that is causing those pimples.
Let this be a PSA to you all, change your linen! You could be doing everything right,but sleeping on dirty linen will only work against. Your skin is always shedding, and all that dirt and dead skin cells and bacteria just laying there as you sleep.
Since I’m at school I only do laundry once a month (I’ll make an entire post telling you how this is possible), but I have at least 4 sets of sheets that makes this possible. If you do your laundry weekly, be sure to use hot water when cleaning them. If you have a male significant other and you frequently spend nights, remind him to change his sheets too. Statistically young men change their sheets less frequently than women do. I’m not saying do his laundry, because you aren’t maid, but a gentle reminder never hurt anyone.
Without further ado here this week’s photos.

I’m not sure why I look so mean in these photos. My mood was fairly mellow when these were taken. I’ve been meditating every day as part of Lent season. That’s all for now. I hope you stay warm and have a great start to your week. If you have any tips on what type of pillowcases I should look for let me know.

Until Next Time,
Aitza B

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