Journey to Clear Skin Week 5: Morning Me

Another installment in my journey to clear skin series as I combat hyperpigmentation. |
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Hi yall,
I hope everyone is a having a great week. If you happen to be thick into midterm season the end is near. Just on in there a little while longer.
This week I wanted to do something a bit different. Generally, the pictures I post are either midday or after I’ve washed my face. This time I wanted to offer a different perspective by showing my face fresh in the morning.
The previous night I washed my face with my Mario Badescu Gyloclic Foam Cleanser (which doesn’t really foam) and used my Retina A cream and Bio Oil
My skin feels smooth and supple, to be a bit cliche, like a baby’s bottom. I’ve noticed when it’s particularly cold outside my skin will over produce oil if I wash it in the morning. So some days I’ll use my toner in the morning, soothe on some moisturizer, and wash my face with black soap midday around 1 PM. This works out just fine because my nighttime shower usually occurs between midnight and 1 AM. 
It certainly wasn’t in the original plan but listening to your skin and its needs, especially in ever-changing weather, is better than sticking to a rigid plan that might not be doing good.
Well that’s all I’ve got for the week.
Until Next Time,
Aitza B
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