Why I Left BabycakesBriauna in 2016



*Plays I Shoulda Left You *

Hi all,

Happy New Year!

No, you aren’t lost. My former domain wasn’t stolen.  Nor have I left the blogging world. However, I have left BabycakesBriauna in 2016…kinda.

If you Google the name, you’ll still my face on various social media platforms: an active Instagram, a live tweeting Twitter account, fanfic accounts in desperate need of editing, fandom musings on Tumblr, but nothing that provides substance .

Products I used for a braid out on natural hair at the beginning of blogging

When I Became Someone Who Blogs

When I decided to dip my toe into the blogging world, Babycakesbriauna was the easiest name to use. I had created blog name back in 2010 when I was a sophomore in high school babbling about Justin Timberlake and trying to work through teenage angst. It then became the name associated with Tumblr page and fanfic accounts. Soon, Babycakesbriauna became Cakes – a 5’2 bundle of sass, shade, and sarcasm – who participated in fandom shenanigans, told everyone she was going to be a medical doctor, and swore she everything about well everything.

With all of those various pieces came an established network of people to read whatever I was producing. My follower count of Tumblr was growing attached with a modest number on Twitter. These are people how I had built relationship , even formed friendships outside of 140 characters, and did not have to put much effort into getting my work out there. As convenient as it was to already have followers, I became lazy. During this time, never once did I take the time to identify my audience, decide on a focus for my blog, establish a consistent posting schedule, create a blogger network, or build my brand.

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When I discovered visuals do matter and are integral parts of storytelling

When I Became a Blogger

You will often hear me say “2016 was trash”, but on a personal level it was decent with a great deal of growth. I was able to pinpoint my post -graduate goals, took on a leadership role outside of my comfort zone, and began to branch out in the blogging world.

As I grew into myself, I realised Babycakesbriauna was not the brand I want to build. In order to build the brand I desired, something would have to give. No longer was I a higher schooler fangirling about MerDer or  Olitz (RIP to my ships). As difficult as it was to come to terms with, I outgrew Babycakesbriauna. There was no focus in the name, no clear message of what the blog would be about. My posts would end with several different names “Cakes”, “ItzaBri”, “Aitza Briauna” “Itza” or “Aitza”. It was like I was having an identity crisis and did not know who I wanted to present to you. It came from being guarded and not allowing myself  to offer transparency. Mess…I know.

To be honest, I was not happy with look of my old blog or having it hosted on Blogger. As I began to connect with other bloggers, I learnt self-hosting would be best for me in terms of ownership of my work and growing as my blogger.  That meant me stepping away from producing content and joining groups that didn’t not align with my viewership. This also entailed me pinpointing my lack of consistent posts and formulating a plan to combat this from occurring again. In order to spread my content and reach a particular market in readership, I had let go of the familiar. So I had to stop being lazy and let go of the security blanket Babycakesbriauna had become and rebrand. Ultimately, Babycakesbriauna was left in 2016.

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Rebrand: What is Petitely Packaged?

Petitely Packaged is a lifestyle blog. To be exact, it is a blog focusing on my life as black millennial woman in America, pursuing higher education and creating a wardrobe to fit my petite frame. This is coming from a place of seeking representation in the blogger world: I have yet to find a black blogger with a body type similar to mine. Nor have I come across someone who package together the discuss of education, race, gender, beauty or fashion.

For me all of these topics intersect.Where I shop for clothing is impacted race. How I dress my body is influenced by society notions of my education level, gender, and ethnic background. The way look handle skincare is reflection of lack of representation.  All of these are issues I intend to discuss on this blog.

So allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Aitza , not Briauna, which might come as a surprise to some. I am a 5 foot 2 bundle of sarcasm and wit. You can find me live tweeting shows, discussing race and gender, or finding new places that tailor to dressing people with petite frames. My part time hustle is freelance photography. One day PhD will be at the end of my name.

I hope you decide to follow me along this journey. Leave a comment and introduce yourself!

Until Next Time,