A Day of Black Girl Joy for Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s engagement annoucement did not do anything for me personally, but my timeline was filled with expressions of black girl joy. #blogmas
Don’t forget about blogmas day 2

On the 3rd day of blogmas,  Aitza gave to me… black girl joy in the form of Meghan and Harry! I’m trying to make this rhyming last for as long as possible yall.

Last week I  and the rest of the US, woke up to the news of Prince Harry – my original redhead boo- and Meghan Markle’s engagement.  I could be one of those people who writes think pieces critiquing the tradition of engagement rings, exploring the implications of  Britain’s involvement in colonisation, and Meghan Markle’s racial identity. But for why? I understand how click bait works, hell I’m using a click bait image for this post , but why would I chose the engagement of the half black woman to trash talk engagement rings. There are 365 Days in 2017, November 27th wasn’t going to be the day I chose to rant out Twitter or Tumblr about Britain and the Royal Family’s past. It certainly wasn’t going to be the day I decided to police how Meghan – someone who has never denied her blackness – chooses to racially identify. It’s not like homegirl is Raven Symone claiming to be from every continent.

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A Day of Black Girl Joy

Let’s face it; the American news cycle has become increasingly depressing since January 1st, 2016. From celebrity deaths to the outlandish election season to the silence breaking of sexual assaults to the rise of terror attacks to Mother Earth being fed up with people. There isn’t much joy to spread during the depressing time. So when I woke up on Cyber Monday to my timeline flooded with joyful memes and celebratory messages across the diaspora I was hype. Black Brits and Black Americans were cheerful and hilarious. For one day, Black Twitter wasn’t just Black American Twitter. Both branches were spreading cheer across the interwebs that a biracial woman and her black momma with locs were going to be up in the Royal Family photos, about the who’s who that will be in attendance, and the black auntie church hats making an appearance. That’s where most of the black girl joy came from.  When we found out the proposal happened while a meal with herbs and spices was being prepared, we were insufferable. Straight up messy. This gave us mostly non-political jokes for the day, and which was nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

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Embed from Getty ImagesI’m not going to lie, I’ve been following this couple since the news of them dating broke, because Prince Harry is one of my problematic faves, and Meghan Markle’s life was playing out like Hallmark Lifetime Christmas movie.( Lifetime has more diversity in their cheesy holiday films.) Even though I live my life as a cynic 94% of the time, I do fancy a good love story and HEA performance of a relationship. My balding, red-headed prince said, “I knew she was the one from the very first moment I met her.” Tell me that isn’t a line straight from one of your favourite romance novels. This is the stuff capitalism has told us what the Christmas season is all about.

This Didn’t Give Me Hope, but I Did Gain Happiness

Good Morning American ran a piece about Meghan Markle’s engagement gave Black Woman hope and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I know I could not care less when it comes to the majority of the Royal family and I’m sure other Black Women feel the same , but I’m here for seeing Meghan looking fly as she steps into roles that are assigned to members of the Royal Family. Yet this elation should not be misinterpreted. General happiness for someone’s impending nuptials does not make me hopeful. It makes me a decent person. This certainly isn’t fixing systematic and interpersonal oppression Black Women face. As I have said numerous times, I live by the Three Fs and those do not apply to this situation. Unlike Meghan Markle, I’m still over here single, on the job hunt, and looking for a way to get Canadian, British, or European Citizenship. It is plain silly to frame this as some magical experience for all black women. It’s not like the Royal Family is giving out princes and millions to every Black American woman. Sometimes happiness is just happiness without a deeper meaning or it isn’t and we can make the choice to stay quiet.

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My reaction to GMA claiming the engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave black women joy.

That said I did gain happiness and laughter. There are so many racists getting their panties in a wad that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are tying the knot, which makes me laugh. From the interviews I read, Meghan’s mom worked hard to ensure her daughter has the best life. That makes me happy because black motherhood is often demonised.

In a world where unapologetic black girl joy is rare to see, I welcome it in almost any form. My group chats were popping and brunch surrounding the upcoming live streamed wedding may or may not have been scheduled! Whatever the case may be, laughter was shared. It may not be Brandy’s Cinderella, but Meghan Markle will be the new blackish princess, yes I know she’ll likely be a duchess, but I’ll take it. Sometimes reasons to be happy don’t need to be sliced and diced 20 different ways. Just live the moment. I certainly was and that’s why this moment was a form of black girl joy for me.

Keep giving me my real life, cheesy, romance novel, Hallmark movie Christmas headlines. Plus tis the season for cheer and joy, so why not make it black girl joy!