Monthly Goals | September

Hi all,

Back at it again with the monthly goals link up with these incredible people. Due to technical difficulties I was not able to participate last month, but everything has worked out and here we are.

So as a recap/ fill in for August:

  • Organise my room completely to my liking
    • That didn’t happen, but I believe it’ll be finalised this month
  • Go to boxing club
    • This was successful, but I haven’t been consistent due to other permanent obligations
  • Find a part time job
    • This didn’t happen,because I enrolled in a financial coaching class and I refuse to over extend myself.
Learning from last month and the summer, I’m being more realistic now that I have a somewhat concrete schedule, but also because it’s Virgo Season as many of you already know! There’s nothing like celebrating yourself all month long. lol.
This month I have been working on these few things;
  • Celebrating my birthday every week: Whether it’s concerts or trips or little pick me ups. I turn 22 this year, which isn’t exciting to most, but 22 is my favourite number, and my birthday is the 22nd day of the month. In my mind this is better than turning 25.
  • Contact people for LoR: This is the time of the year to apply for many things, so making sure I have reliable references is of the utmost importance to me.
  • Bake more: Now living in a place with a dish washer I’m more included to bake. It’s a rather relaxing practice for me ,and renders nice treats.
  • Change my hair: I’m getting bored with my hair and want to cut it, but I won’t. Instead I’m going to find something else that doesn’t involve me chopping off several inches.
That’s all there is for this month folks. I’m keeping it light at the moment. If you have anything you’re working on this month I’d love to know.
Aitza B
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