Netflix and Knit | Period Dramas to Binge Watch

Petitely Packaged blogger Aitza shares all the period drama shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime she loves to binge watch while knitting.

Since you all know what I’m currently reading, I figured why not clue you all in what I’m watching or have watched. Netflix and knit is what I do while binge watching the watch list that is as long as my to read list. Because who needs Netflix and chill when you’re actually trying to enjoy the show and your cup of hot cider.

Seeing as I watch an unhealthy amount of television, I’m breaking it down into categories. Some of these shows have already ended so you can easily binge watch them and others are current works in progress, so you have to go through all the twists and turns with me. The first category up is period dramas which include fantasy, sci-if,  and historical adventures.

Game of Thrones

Game of thrones intro

So I know Game of Thrones is technically a fantasy series, but it’s set in 300s, so that’s period enough for me. It’s an HBO show that has been on air since 2011. With all that said, I don’t think GoT needs much introduction. It’s based on a 20-year-old book series written by George RR Martin. There’s sex and dragons and undead things and action and gorgeous men with accents and fierce ass women. So much as I fancy the series, I’m salty that we didn’t get our brown princess Arianne Martell and that we don’t have more black people,  but I’ve made peace with that.

Watch #GoT because Jon Snow is oh so pretty. Click To Tweet

The next season is the last season, so if you’re just tuning in ,now is a perfect time. Just remember Jon Snow is Bae and the only true reason I watch. Also in my next life I’m trying to be Arya, Daenerys, and Missandei. I will say, almost everyone you come to love will die. So grab a box of tissues and a punching bag.

You can watch GoT on HBO, HBOGO, HBO NOW, and Amazon via Subscription.

Medici: Masters of Florence

source: netflix

Just so yall know, I watched this so I could shameless stare at Richard Madden aka Prince Charming aka Robb Stark aka my future Scottish husband. Medici is set in 15th century Florence and tracks of the lives of the Medici family who created Bank of Medici, one of the most respected banks of its time. Madden’s character Cosimo inherits the banks after his papa dies under mysterious causes. If you’re a fan of gorgeous Italian architecture and dynasty messiness give this a go.

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You can binge the first season of Medici on Netflix if you’re in States or Canada.


jason momoa as declan harp


I began this series because Jason Momoa is the star. Like I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for a gorgeous man when it comes to TV shows. Just as expected, I enjoyed this series. Set in 18th Century Canada, Frontier shares a forgotten part of North American history – the fur trade- as half Irish, half Cree Declan Harp ( Momoa) sets out to make his own path in the fur world away from his former employer Hudson Bay Company. There’s political strategy, backstabbing, war, and of course whoremongering.

Canadians can find Frontier on Discovery Channel, and everyone else can catch it on Netflix. Season 2 for Americans begins November 24th. You can watch it while you wait in line for Black Friday.


cast of bbc's merlin


Merlin is another fantasy series with dragons and witches and fighting. It is an adaption of the Arthurian legend, exploring the lives of King Arthur and his wizard Merlin. I’m a fan of this reimagining because it stays true to the original tale of Arthur and Guinevere being one true loves. Plus the transformation of Arthur from an immature, self, and cocky prince into a just, caring, and still cocky king is worth it.

DO NOT WATCH SEASON 5. I’m still bitter about the ending. It ruined Christmas. I’m not exaggerating. Hearts were born on Christmas Eve 2012. Now I pretend the series ended with season 4 and use fanfic to cope with the trauma of season 5.

You can find all 5 seasons 4 seasons of Merlin on Hulu and  Netflix.

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geordie and sidney from grantchester


This series is set in the 1950s in the village of Grantchester, not too far from Cambridge. It follows the lives of Sidney Chambers , an Anglican vicar, and Geordie Keating, a detective inspector. The pair spends their time solving crimes and dealing with Sidney’s love life. Homeboy is in love with his married, childhood crush from a wealthier background. Can you spell scandal?

If you’re looking for a serial with not much sex and nudity, this may be for you.

Grantchester can be found on ITV for UK peep and PBS or Prime for others.

Black Sails, a period drama where the safety of a black woman is more important than anything else in the world. Click To Tweet

Black Sails

scenery of pirates in black sails on starz


Much to my dismay, Black Sails is another series that has ended. After putting it off for a couple of years, I finally took the time to binge watch this show over the summer. This is yet another series I decided to watch because of a gorgeous man.

luke arnold as long john silver in starz's black sails

Black Sails is a prequel to the Treasure Island novel. We get to look into the lives of Captain Flint and the notorious Long John Silver. I appreciate that this series gives us LGB relationships that aren’t just meaningless plot points and that LJS’s relationship with his African wife is explored (cause you know she’s been erased from most tales). His wife is a maroon princess, and this badass pirate chose her over everything else. How can I not love that.

Like many cable series, there’s gruesome killings and brothel sex. Behind all of that is the transformation of a young smuggler trying get rich and stay alive into a revered pirate weary of the ways of the world, trying to get some peace and normalcy.

If you have STARZ, you can binge watch over there or sign up for Amazon Prime Subscription.


 claire and jamie fraser of starz's outlander


I could write 1000 words about why you should be watching Outlander, but I won’t bore you. Outlander is a time travel series adapted from the Outlander series novels,  that places a British WWII nurse from 1945, Claire, back to 1743 Scotland during the Jacobite Risings.

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In order to survive, she is married off to a Scottish outlaw, Jamie, and the two form passionate relationship and unparalleled partnership. With Claire’s knowledge of history and the immunity to various diseases, she finds herself in trouble more than a few times. She defies societal norms for women while using her privileges to aids those in need. Unlike the other shows that use sex as meaningless filler, Outlander gives us tasteful smut. When you factor all those traits plus the show catering to the female gaze, there is nothing I’d rather watch.

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Season 3 of Outlander airs Sunday nights at 8 PM and you can catch up on STARZ or Amazon Prime via subscription.

I hope you all have found some new shows to enjoy as the holiday season comes and you ignore all the annoying family members wanting to stick their noses into your personal life. If you have any suggestions for me to watch while I start my next knitting project, I’d love to hear about them.

Until Next Time,

Aitza B

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