Travel – Day Trip to Duplin Winery

Travel to Duplin Winery in Rosehill,NC to experience the best of sweet muscadine wines

If you read my birthday post, you’ll recognise some of the photos from this one. They came from my visit to Duplin Winery -yes autocorrect it’s Duplin, not Dublin – in Rosehill, NC. Duplin Winery is the largest and oldest winery in the state, owned and operated by the Fussell Family. It is open Monday-Saturday, Sunday is the Lord’s day, a promise that was made to the matriarch of the Fussell family and a practice that has been kept 40 some years later.

I was super excited to make the hour and half trip to Duplin Winery from my mom’s place because Duplin Wines are what got me through college. There may not have been almond milk, chicken, or oatmeal in my apartment but there was always a bottle of Duplin stashed away, because drink local and acquire a taste for sweet, muscadine wines!

Main enterance sign to Duplin Store Front during my day trip to Duplin WInery in Rosehill,NCI #travel

It was a rainy and dreary day, so after driving the slick back country roads of rural North Carolina, the first thing we did was make our way to the bistro. It is a quaint little space tucked in the back of the grounds. Almost all meal options were under $15 with bottles of wine starting at $8. Being as hungry as I was, there aren’t any pictures of my meal, but I do recommend the crabcake sandwich.

After we wrapped up our meal, we returned to the front for our wine tasting. We had hoped join in on the last production and grounds tour but our meal time ran over by 7 minutes. So we went straight to our tasting, sampling a total of 10 different wines. Along with our sampling, we were given homemade cheese dip & crackers, souvenir wine glass, and a glass of wine post-tasting.

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Wine Tasting Score Sheet from Duplin Winery Weekend Trip #travel

Much to my surprise all but two of the wines were to me. My least favourite was the Burgundy, the only wine made from noble grapes. It was dry and fruity with a 13% alcohol content. However, I had several favourites that have since made their way to my home and belly like the Beaufort Bay which is a sweet and fruity white wine and both their sangrias.

Tasting of Duplin’s Sweet Sox Red Wine during a Day Trip to Duplin Winery in Rosehill,NC #travel

In addition to offering a plethora of wine, Duplin Winery’s shop also sells jams, chocolates, wine accessories, and fudge. I went home with a bottle of my favourite Black River red and a pound of fudge. My only regret of the day was not buying more fudge.

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I definitely plan to return when the weather is more agreeable, so I stunt in the gardens and soak up some sun. The great thing about Duplin is it is often relatively easy to find a Groupon deal, bringing a tasting for 2 to just $12.

Enjoying a glass of Beaufort Bay at Duplin Winery in Rosehill,NC during my day trip. #travel

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Let me know if you’ve ever been to Duplin Winery before or have a favourite wine?


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Travel to Duplin Winery for a vineyard tour and wine tasting in Rosehill,NC for a weekend trip