One Year with Petitely Packaged

Petitely Packaged has been around for one year. Lets celebrate this blog anniversary!

It is hard to believe it has been a year. To be honest, I thought my blog anniversary was January 22nd, but then I remembered a blog post about Michelle Obama that was supposed to launch on January 20th,2017. That’s to say, how embarrassing is it that I forgot my blogging anniversary…. Not really actually, but who doesn’t appreciate a flare of drama from time to time.


Before I get started talking about myself, which every earth sign loves to do, and posting embarrassing photos,  I want to thank you all. For every share on social media. For every thoughtful comment written. For every email sent asking questions. For every subscriber to my email list. For every return visit to this site. I am in awe that some many of you are supporting me and I appreciate all of it. The support that has been given in various forms has aided in opening doors for me that would not have been possible a year ago. So thank you for joining the Petite Crew and sticking with me.

It's my day to celebrate my blog anniversary as petitely packaged #petite

What Petitely Packaged Taught Me

Niche? Ha!

Blog anniversary out of ______ and I don’t have a niche, and I’m happy with that. I struggled at the beginning of 2017 trying to focus no only petite fashion and career-related posts. Once I quit placing my blogging experience into a neat box, the posts and engagement started rolling out. My girl Sheila wrote a great post about why niches aren’t for everyone, and I swear it changed my view on blogging.

When I rebranded I knew I didn’t want to be merely a fashion blogger and I thought I had it all figured out, but when it came time to produce that content it wasn’t flowing naturally. But that’s life. Everything you do won’t be a constant incline to success. It is cyclical, and with ups, there are also downs. Those downtimes lead to discovering. They help you weed through the irrelevant mess and pull what matters even closer to you for security.

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You can’t package all of this into one box


Analytics Don’t Lie: We Truly Vibe Petite Crew

While diving into my analytics, I discovered the post I hesitated on sharing based on content, were the most read. That surprised me because I was certain no one would be interested in the weird stuff I like, like a naughty or nice list for tv characters and my opinion on all the books I’m reading, or the difference personal branding can make.  But that let me know my voice matter and unique perspective matters to more than just me and my squad who initially made up the petite crew. Honestly, learning that excited me about what is to come for this year regarding content and creating more of it.

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

I didn’t post as much I wanted to last year because I got caught up with striving for perfection. That’s is my one regret. I wanted the perfect posts and perfect photos and perfect descriptions. Well, life isn’t perfect, and neither am I. If I intend to be raw and honest with ya’ll that means pulling off the veil and showing yall all my quirks. Like these photos. These come for a failed photo shoot after a long day celebrating my birthday. I don’t love anything about these photos, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of being shared.

What to Expect from Petitely Packaged in 2018

For starters, you’ll be seeing more of my face. I intend to pump out more videos on my YouTube. There will also be more photos of myself. I’m still honing my photography skills and the best way to accomplish that is by practising on myself. That means more outfit and skincare posts. While Babycakes Briauna was left in 2016, her Journey to Clear Skin is still going to be popping on Petitely Packaged.

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There will be more talk of television shows. I might talk about seeing petite black women in the shows I watch or what money mistakes my favourite fictional characters have made and how to avoid them. Instead of live-tweeting about the various shows, I’m watching; the plan is to get recaps of what I was loving and what was just an all-out flop.

One Year of Petitely Packaged taught me I don't want my fellow Petite Crew to be a bunch of flops

The career-related posts are coming back because I don’t want any of us to be flops in the workplace. I may not have a 9-5, but I’m still out here working, applying for jobs, and chatting with my friends about their experiences the public and private sectors. Since my goal is to see us all prosper, I’ll pass along the insight and quality advice I’ve gained.

Since I’ve taken an interest in financial wellness, that will be a reoccurring topic over here too. See what I’m saying about there not being a niche. It just doesn’t exist. I had my financial fails and my financial wins in college, so yall will get to hear my genuinely embarrassing stories and learn from my mistakes. My motto in life is to try not make the same mistakes others have made, and I hope it becomes one of yours.


Year one was fantastic but year two of blogging as petitely packaged will be stellar for all

So that’s all she wrote. Here’s to another year of Petitely Packaged. Expect new posts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this calendar year. Yes, there is a post coming tomorrow.


Mil Besos,

Aitza B

ps: hope you enjoy these hot mess pics