OOTD | Chucks + Specs + Colour Pop

Happy Thursdays Lovelies,

Virgo season is officially over( I did my mourning last Friday on my way to Atlanta), and Autumn is officially here. Fortunately, depending on the day, that means opting to wear more close-toed shoes. As part of treating myself for my 22nd birthday, I copped a pair of white Chucks. This is purchase is something I’ve been delaying for a while now and has me wondering I was so silly enough to delay such a purchase. They are definitely going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe as they pair well with several outfits in my closet.

Since the weather is in that fluctuating phase, rainy-sunny/ extremely hot- autumn cool, I’m attempting to balance out my attire to fit my hectic schedule of having hot days that become cool nights and footwear to accommodate that.  Enter dresses and sneakers. It’s formal enough for me to wear to the office, yet relaxed enough for me to sit through my 3 hour GRE class in comfort.

If you recall my Striped Linen post, you’ll remember how much I love that dress. Well, this dress is its sister and cherished just as much as the other.

Everything I had to say about the striped dress, applies to this, with the addition that I can play with my lip colour more.

Seeing that my colour choices were a bit dark, I wanted to brighten my look up with Colour Pop’s Lyin’ King lip pencil and liquid lipstick.

It was fun to play around with colour and embrace my inner nerd with my glasses. There’s an update coming soon. If you’re a fan of Colour Pop, which items do you go for? Let me know in the comments below.

dress – Old Navy // glasses – Warby Parker  //
planner – May Designs (similar)// lip stick-  Colour Pop// shoes – Converse
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