OOTD | Summer Transition Back to School

Hi lovelies,
School is back in session, and I’m living in an off-campus apartment with this rooftop. What does that mean for me (and by proxy you)? Bomb pictures with tons of natural light.
If you’ve been in my Tumblr circle for a while(2+ years), you’ll remember when I was on the hunt for the lace/crochet shorts. It took me about a year to come across a properly fitting pair I felt comfortable in.
Usually, when I wear pinks my accessories tend to be gold to bring out my warm undertones, but this particular day I was feeling my need silver studs and decided to give them time to shine.
I’m excited to try out all the new angles and see how the background changes as the seasons change. The most challenging part of being back on campus is not being able to wear shorts of often as I’d like to, seeing as I’m back in a medical setting, but such is life.
There will be ways for me to sneak in shorts before it gets nippy again.

Until Next Time,
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