Petite Chats – Language Learning Tips and Joining BookTube

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Hi all, I’m back with another petite chat. It’s been a while but I haven’t had many questions in my tumblr inbox. Plus there’s my monthly updates with Screenshot my Month, so there isn’t much need for me to ramble in these. That said, I’m an open books, so if you want to know something just ask.

You Ask, I Answer

Aren’t you currently learning or working on learning another language? HOW? HOW do you have time? How are you doing it?

It takes a lot of discipline. I do most of my practicing at night after I  watch my TV shows but before journaling and reading. Giving yourself 10 minutes to read an article in the language and another 5 to jot something about that article in the language is helpful. When you read, read aloud even if you hate the sound of your voice and stumble over the words. That’s the only way you’ll improve.


If you like to binge watch series on Netflix, change your language and subtitles to that language. I go back and watch some of my favourite series in Spanish or the original Spanish version on HBO Latino. If it is dubbed over, it’ll take some time to get used to the lips not matching the voice, but your ear will get better. If series aren’t your thing, listen to audiobooks or podcasts in the languages you’re learning. As I’ve mentioned in my Screenshot my Month recaps, Youtube has been a resource for me. And use resources like Duolingo, HelloTalk, and Memrise for reinforcement. Repetition is key when learning a new language. With new vocabulary words, repeat them at least three times. I like to Google them for pronunciation then repeat after I hear them.

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I hope you found this helpful.

Why do post about BRF?

Technically I post about The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. lol. Honestly, Harry is one my childhood crushes. It’s been refreshing to watch his journey and see him grow comfortable with discussing things like depression, anger, and mental health. And to see him fall blissfully in love. The world is trash so find happiness where you can. Plus, Meghan’s fashion sense is goals. It has a nice balance of clean solids and colourful prints. And her looks are easy to duplicate with any budget. I’ve been toying with posting some petite friendly alternatives, but we shall see.’


What is booktube?

Hi there,

Since you’re asking me this, I’m going to assume that you’ve seen my latest youtube video. Yay!  To answer your question, BookTube a community to discuss all things books. People do challenges, have hauls, leave reviews, create book DIYs, go on rants. Basically like any aspect of YouTube. I need an outlet to ramble about books that wasn’t my blog, so I figured BookTube would be a good place to do that since I don’t want to commit to a podcast. Anywho,I hope you keep watching my videos.



That’s all I have for this  petite chat. Not much to say, unfortunately, but if you have questions you can email me or hit me up anonymously on Tumblr. Be sure to comment below.


Until Next Time,

Aitza B