Petite Chats – Why I Stopped Watching Scandal

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Happy Thursday lovelies!

Today I’m coming at you with another Petite Chats. Since the series finale of ABC’s Scandal airs tonight, I thought I would answers some show related questions today. For those of you who haven’t been reading the blog since my Babycakes Briauna days, I used to be obsessed with Scandal. Staying up until 3:00 AM so I could live tweet on the East Coast and West Coast, writing essay about the show, being a true Gladiator over a cliff. Then I stopped post season three. Occasionally I’ll see musing on Twitter that make my roll my eyes and I carry on with my day. Seeing as this is the end, I’ll give these questions a go.


Why did you stop watching Scandal?


Hi little anon,

To make a long story short, I stopped watching because Scandal stopped being about a black woman political fixer and turned into an off brand soap opera centered about white feminism and black masculinity.  To use a term my favourite academic Kristen J. Warner it’s plastic. A show that was once praised for its diverse cast and multidimensional writing of a black woman lead became the poster child of white feminism, by pushing its lead to the background to prop up a white woman while still yelling about diversity. Don’t tell me diversity matters and representation is the key to moving forward while still using the same tired tropes black women have been written under for the last 100 years. Olivia Pope was supposed to be different,but instead, we were given the mammy and Jezebel with an Ivy League degree and Prada bags.

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One top of that, the show dropped their core fan base that pushed for them to get a second season and garnered them media attention. But as the viewership demographics shifted, black women viewers were marked as crazies and restricted from certain fan events while white ones were praised. I can’t stan for a show that disrespects people who look like me.

Plus the writing was horrible. Hot trash horrible. It had so much potential that got squandered.



Hi, I know you don’t mess with Scandal anymore but do you have predictions for the finale?


Hey anon,

I do have a few predictions. I think Olivia will be redeemed and she and Mellie will have a lifelong sisterhood bond (gags). Going back to season one, I think Cyrus’ prediction of Fitz killing himself all alone in his home post-presidency will be true. He’ll be all alone in Vermont. If I got my way, Mellie would get impeached and be disgraced. Fitz would get remarried and live out his days in Vermont. Olivia would die. The OPA team ( do they even exist anymore?) would spread out across the states living their best lives. Cyrus would send Ella to boarding school with Teddy. They’d be besties. Jake would be in prison for life with Olivia’s daddy.



Petite Chat Ramblings

No one asked the questions “What did you love most about Scandal?” But I’m going to answer it anyway. Even though I stopped watching Scandal back in 2015, being involved in the fandom brought amazing people into my life. From my favourite travel buddy BiJan, to my UNC mentor, to some of my closest friends. I’ve seen them get married, start graduate programs, have babies, get new jobs, buy homes, graduate! All of that wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t start watching this show and engaging with the fandom. I will hate on this show until my last breath, but I will be eternally grateful for all the lifelong friendships I’ve gained from it. Watching Scandal was the being of these friendships, but when I stopped watching Scandal, they did not end.

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Have any of you watched Scandal? What are your predictions for the finale? What do you think of it’s cultural impact?


Until Next Time,

Aitza B