Screenshot My Month – August 2018

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Hi All,

Happy September! Happy Virgo Season! I love my birthday month so much. I have been living for watching Serena and Naomi kill it at the UO and my two week cold went away on the first day of the month. My body knew it was time to celebrate. But enough rambling, time to jump into the screenshot of August.

Personal Development

My bootcamp is winding down. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t learnt much, but I’m designing a website from scratch and my instructor said I’m doing some pretty advanced stuff,so I’m excited that I’m challenging myself. I can’t believe it is almost over, but I can definitely tell August is the month where it all clicked.

Career/ Finances

So I did get hired by the ESL company (GoGoKid) I mentioned last month. The platform is nice and interactive. If any of you are interested in ESL online as a side hustle to bring in some extra cash each month, let ya girl know. I’ll be happy to share what I know.

Pop Culture

I found out I’ll be covering Hopscotch Music Festival the first weekend of September. It’s one of Raleigh’s top musical events with over 100 artists from across the state and even big names like Miguel and DVSN. I’m super excited to see newcomer M8ALLA. As much as I trash talk the south, it is a great place to go to a lot of artists and have a fun time listening to good music, having a drink, and pigging out on nicely seasoned food.

As for TV, I’ve been watching a lot of Spanish drama on Netflix. Las Chicas de Cables (Cable Girls) is set in 1920s Madrid and it is so freaking good yall. It is a great balance of drama, historical fiction, feminism and romance aka almost everything I love.If you want to improve your Spanish watch it in the original form. If not, the English dubs are good too. If nothing else, you can enjoy looking at handsome men.

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For film, I won free tickets to see Crazy Rich Asians. If you haven’t seen that movie yet cancel whatever other plans you have for the weekend or long lunch period and see it ASAP. It was the perfect rom-com and exceeded all the expectations I had from the book. The world is trash and we all need a little love and light from time to time.


August was the month where I stanned for the author Alyssa Cole. Those of you following me on IG, have seen me shout out her books, but I cannot say enough good things about her books. A Duke by Default dropped at the very end of July, so I spent the first of August gobbling it up. It’s in her Reluctant Royals series and set in Scotland. The main character Portia becomes a sword making apprentice and butts heads with her white passing Scottish-Chilean boss.   We all know how much I love a Scottish bae. After I read that, she recommended that I check out the novella Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight.  Which is set in the 1500s and has lords fighting in a tourney for the affection of Agnes. 


I also spent time rambling on my booktube, praising her civil war spy series. As I said, it was month of Alyssa Cole love in these parts.

As you can tell, August was a rather boring month for me. Getting sick really killed a lot of my free time and set me behind where I wanted to be in terms of my writing for Quirktastic , creating new blog content, and editing my videos. But a new month means a chance to restart and be accountable.

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What was your August like? Did you do anything exciting to finish off summer? What are you most excited about for September? 




Aitza B