Screenshot My Month | February 2016

Hi y’all,

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend with beautiful weather like I did. As the month closes in on us – it’s hard to believe March is here – I thought it would be a good idea to start offering monthly recaps to fill in some of the missing pieces. 
For the most part, this blog is pretty transparent about what I do, where I study, and what I’m involved in, yet I’m terrible at getting posts with pictures up in a timely fashion. A good example of that would be a Valentine’s Weekend recap I intended to post,but one thing lead to another and here we are 14 days later. While flipping through my journal and looking at drafted posts, there is a lot you all are missing out on that I want to share. So let the birth of my monthly recaps begin.

Valentine’s Day Weekend: On top of it being the holiday, we were also celebrating Damola’s birthday. My crew goes all out for them. In addition to celebrating the baby’s birthday, I decided to be a social butterfly and go out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It was the first and possibly last time my presence will be had all three nights. My body needs sleep and such a combination is not conducive for that happening. Lack of sleep aside, I had a wonderful weekend: drinks on Thursday with my senior friends, Valentine’s Day/ Birthday party on Friday, Damola’s birthday dinner and three other Valentine’s Day parties on Saturday. A day of rest on Sunday.

Thursday Night Drinks
Friday Night Celebration


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Damola’s Birthday

Drake Themed VDay Party. I love Aubrey!


Colouring My Hair: Coloured hair is a trend. It’s bold and playful and artistic and also something I’ve wanted since my first year of uni.  Luckily for me I work in an office that is pretty lax (head of HR had rainbow hair once) and I’m heading off to graduate school yet ,so I have a bit of freedom with my look. However as I’ve mentioned in the past, I am in the process of looking for a summer internship,so there was still some hesitation is selecting a colour that is too bright and vibrant. After mulling over it I decided Manic Panic’s Purple Haze would be the best option for me. Inside it’s a darker colour and mainly blends with my hair,yet once it hits the sunlight my hair radiates. Th colour is positioned in a way that will allow me to wear a bun and not draw too much attention during an interview.

TedxUNC: My uni had their annual TedX talks. Although I didn’t attend the entire event, what I did get to experience did not disappoint.

3D Printing FTW!

Rivalry Week Upset: I love sports. I love college basketball. It isn’t something I talk about a lot on social media, but I do follow along and talk trash on game days. When UM lost to the Ohio State I was upset. When the Gators beat Georgia I was thrilled. When UNC lost to Duke, I was gutted. It was our year. We hadn’t lost a home game yet. Some of the Tarheel greats were in the house. It was Jordan’s birthday. I was going to rush Franklin again. I had my blogspot ready. I put my shoes on for them! When I tell yall I was salty, I was SALTY! I have faith we will rise from the ashes, but the pain is still there.


Behind the Lens: Many years ago, photography was a hobby of mine. Last year when seeking a creative outlet I decided to return to it. With growing confidence in my skills, I’ve decided to start doing photoshoots. Nothing too serious but something to get my feet wet and grow my savings account a bit. More than anything I love the editing process; my skills with Adobe software has grown, and I’m adding new skills to my toolbox during my free time. It’s the best mixture of work and play.

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Those are the big highlights I can think of. Other things have gone on, but nothing worth straining your eyes over.  I’d love to know how everyone’s February went.

Until Next Time,

Purple Lip – ColourPop ( Be-Dazzled | StingRaye) // Striped Dress – H&M // Red Lip – Colour Pop ( Ellarie Pencil | Ellarie Lippie) // Skater Skirt – H&M (similar) // Tights – Target // Black Sweater – Charlotte Russe