Screenshot my Month – July 2018

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Hi All,

Happy August. I cannot tell you guys the last time I posted a screenshot my month, on the first day of the following month. Ya girl is on a roll here.

Personal Development

Let’s start with the bad and end with the good. My entire coding bootcamp cohort failed the Microsoft 98-361 C# exam.  I plan to do a whole recap about the highs and lows of this experience as a whole, but to say this was disappointing to us would be an understatement. On the plus side, all of us have the ability to retake the exam, so if any of you lovely people have study resources or have taken said exam, please get in touch with me.

We have also wrapped up our back in languages and will be focusing on Javascript and learning jQuery React.JS. I’m super pumped about this because this is the language that has spoken to me the most and has a lot of room to grow as a developer or designer.

Also, I am happy to announce my some of my finance/career posts will be syndicated on my favourite financial website The Financial Diet. On top of that, as of today, I am officially a weekly contributor on Quirktastic. All my TV watching and fangirling finally has a home. It is such a wonderful feeling to be aligned with brands that I adore and produce media I find myself consuming on the regular.


So if you saw this week, now you know!

Career/ Finances

July was all about putting things in motion for my freelance business. I purchased my domain so I can stop directing people to to see my work. I’ve solidified my plans and pricing and will be launching said site in the fall around my birthday. So if you need a web developer or know someone who needs one, drop ya girl a line.

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Also, I did get a new ESL teaching gig and am in the interview process for another, so hopefully I’ll hear something back soon because that one has a higher pay rate. With that extra income, I’ll be able to funnel more money back into promoting my web development and photography and get serious about investing in the stock market. I’m only getting older and is my friend where investing is concerned.

Pop Culture

Season 2 of Netflix’s Nailed It! was released and I loved every minute of the 30-minute baking challenge show meets comedy. The premise is that people who are amateurs with terrible design and sometimes baking skills, compete for 10,000 and shiny trophy. In the world of everything being picture perfect and instagrammable, it is refreshing to watch something is the antithesis of that.

Also, Floribama Shore is back. As a long of Jersey Shore, I thought I was going to hate it,but my little Floridian heart cannot get  enough of this show.


Bijan sent me cookies from her mom’s business, Z-Cakery. Yall, she has such a gift when it comes to being a cookie maker. If you live anywhere in the states and need a cookie maker for an event, reach out to her. You won’t be disappointed. I mean just look at them.



I’m making my way through my Summer Reading List  and so far I haven’t come across a book that did not interest me. For the month of July, I’m ranking Lagging Indicators by Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg as my favourite. The ARC was provided to me by Netgalley and I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I picked it because I liked the cover art. Fortunately for me,  the book did not disappoint and is in my top 5 books of 2018.

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We follow the story of Mia who has 15 years of experience on Wall Street and is only woman exec at the boutique firm she works at. She survived the major crisis layoffs but when a new man is brought on at the firm, Mia loses her job security and is essentially blackballed after a clip of her not taking her firing well goes viral. Then she goes into survival mode and this is when I wanted to smack Mia. We find out out homegirl was taking home 7 figures a year and only had 5 figures in her bank account. I was baffled that she only had 50K in savings. What kind of financial irresponsibility?! I think I was so upset because of the realness. This is the narrative of so many people who spent their lives working on Wall Street and balling out, but had little in their savings accounts. In the beginning, Mia came about as savvy, intelligent, and formiable.Yet she was so dumb.

Luckily for her, she has a great best friend that offers her a place in the burbs to lay low, while she figures out how to salvage her name, reinvent herself, and get her finances in order. Mia’s time in this quaint little time had some of my favourite moments because we see so many themes explored. What it’s like to but a motherless child and an orphaned adult. Things I often mind myself thinking about, as an only child with one parent. What happens when the strong, black woman who is everything to everyone else starting thinking about herself and allows others to help. How to come to term this company and people you’ve dedicated your life to, don’t have your back and you’ve experienced sexism and racism due to their actions. I could go on and on because it was such rich writing.

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There is a romance aspect to this book, which I was not expecting. What I enjoyed the most from that was Mia choosing the relationship that worked best for her life and career goals. We so often get romance stories where the woman has to sacrifice by moving and finding a new job or moving and leaving behind her friends for love. Which is cool because people, or in this case characters, have agency, but it was refreshing to read something that did not necessarily follow the path. Throughout the entire book, I felt as in I was going through the motions with Mia. When a book can do that, I am more than happy to give it the highest of ratings.

If you have watched and enjoyed TV series like Scandal, Billions, Suits, or The Good Wife I think you’ll appreciate Mia’s journey throughout this novel and find yourself rooting for her too by the end of it all.


If you read my last post, I’ve joined Booktube, so I won’t be bogging you down with too many book reviews on here. If you are interested in more book-related content, check my channel out.

That’s  all I’ll have for you good people. My new posting schedule is posting three days a week. No set day of the week, so keep your eyes open. I’d love to know what yall got into during the month of July. Drop me a line.


Aitza B