Screenshot My Month – June

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Hi All,

We are half day through this crappy year. Before I dive into my monthly screenshot, I cannot urge all my American readers enough to exercise their rights and use their political voices. If protests aren’t your thing, they really aren’t mine, contact your representatives. Send postcards with one or two lines about why you oppose certain legislation or practices. Pick up the phone during your lunch break and have a one-minute conversation with an aide saying “I’d like Senator X to know I am  against families being separated or inaction occurring where police brutality occurs.” This is the one time that old-fashioned forms of communication trump social media. If you can vote, please please do so. So many domestically and internationally depend on your voice. Now that I’m done with my “be a good human PSA” here’s my screenshot my month for June 2018!

Personal Development

I participated in the 100 Squats a Day Challange and it was freaking great. It doesn’t take much for me to get toned but I could definitely feel the difference in my core and calf area. Unfortunately, I slacked on my on Duolingo German lessons, but I’ll be picking them back up this month. My main goal was to sink hours into coding and practising and I think I set a good routine. My hope is to go from three hours a day to five hours a day in terms of practice.For all my techies out there, I’ve transitioned from JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 to Java last month.

And if you follow me on Instagram, which you should be doing, you’ve noticed I’ve been baking more. On my 30 Before 30, one of my goals is to try out 30 new recipes. So I’m getting on that this summer. I mean, who doesn’t love blueberry banana bread!

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I’m looking to start teaching English online as a way to bring some extra coins in, but we shall see how that turns out. I swear I have the world’s slowest Internet which is super annoying. My awesome tech friends have planted the web design freelance bug in my head, so I might have something coming down the pipeline for you soon.

Also, I’ve been investing more time into my photography. I’ve booked sessions, done some networking, and worked to expand my branding. I finally made the decision to separate my blog account from my photography account. So if you want to check out my photography, be sure to follow me @aitzabphoto on Instagram. Also, don’t forget about my free stock photos that are at your disposal!

Pop Culture

My fave (Beyoncé) and her husband dropped a joint album last month. I was minding my business in Food Lion and boom, Tidal and all my friends are alerting of me said album. This is the album I’ve been waiting four years to get from Beyoncé. It gave me all the dirty south rap feels. I truly love her vocal range.

As far as TV shows go, my faves Queen Sugar on OWN and Claws on TNT came back. Two very different viewing experiences, Claws provides my weekly humour, but I cannot recommend both enough.


I’m not really one to wear much makeup, but I do appreciate a nice looking brow, some eye liner, and a nude lip, I was luckily enough to get a VOXBOX with Maybelliene’s Color Sensational Lip Liner in Raw Chocolate and Lipstick in Chocolate Lust. It is the perfect summer lip for me. It’s moisturising with the right balance of orange and warm tones. I don’t wear the liner and lipstick together,but it has been my go to summer lip that has been featured in 90% of my IG posts. And to stay on my neutral colour palette, I’ve been wearingOPI’s Pale to the Chief(thanks Taylor!),which is a light beige with a little shimmer to it. It very much reminds me of OPIs Samoan Sand but with cooler undertones.

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June was my first full month with my Varo account. I like that the savings account has an APY of 1.5% which is way more than you’d get at a big bank like Bank of America or Wells Fargo. I had no issues connecting my Cash App that I use for my side gigs or adding the card to my Apple Pay, so all in all this starting off as a beautiful relationship.

I also discovered the Fuel Rewards app thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays. This allows you to save at least 5 cents per gallon when you gas up at a Shell Station. I was lucky enough to get a bonus 25 cents, so I was stoked to be saving so much!


I’m making my way through my Summer Reading List  and so far I haven’t come across a book that did not interest me. For the month of June, I’m ranking A Song of Blood & Stone as my favourite. The ARC was provided to me by Netgalley and I’m so thrilled I chose it. We follow the story of Jasminda who is an outcast for being half Elsiraian , lighter skinned people with no magical powers and live in peace, and and half Lagamiri, dark skinned people with magic who live under a violent dictatorship. She doesn’t fit in either country because she has the dark skin and magical powers of the Lagarimi but has spent her whole life in Elsira.

On top of that, her maternal grandfather is plotting against her because she won’t renounced her birthright. She falls for a solider,Jack, with a weighty and privileged secret, and it is up to her to save both Elsira and Lagarimi from destruction at the hands of True Father in Lagarimi ,who is nothing more than a ruthless dictator.

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Aside from the romance parts, I loved seeing Jack use his privilege for a greater good and the parallels between the Lagarimi refugees and what is happening here in America in terms of xenophobic and racist narratives to deny people in need. If you like strong women leads, a little romance, and don’t mind themes of war check it out.

That’s  all I’ll have for you good people. I’m trying out a new posting schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, (finance) Friday, so let me know what you think. Hope you enjoyed this monthly recap and  here’s to another month of progress.


Aitza B