Screenshot My Month – March 2018

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Hi All,

Happy Spring from me and my pollen covered car. I needed to take a mental health break during March,which  meant not blogging or posting on Instagram, so there are very few screenshots to share. But spring has sprung and all that other jazz corny people say. Since I was MIA most of March I won’t waste your time babbling. Also big thanks to Amy for last month’s guest post.

Personal Development

I’m still practicing my German and coding. Repetition is definitely your friend when it comes to this. I decided to order some ink so I can print out worksheets. This is also encouraged me to brush up on my Spanish skills, because if you don’t use it you’l lose it. As a continuation of my personal growth and education, I’ve been taking a free class on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). It’s a very fascinating field and something I wish I had known about in college.


Not much of an update on this front. Lots of phone interviews, reaching out to recruiters and alumni, and writing cover letters. We’ll see what happens with that. Since we’re on the topics of careers and job hunting, read Bijan’s latest blog post. She does a brilliant job capturing the frustrations and realities of being a recent college grad actively searching for employment.

Pop Culture

My fave and her husband announced a joint tour last month. While I don’t have tickets yet, I’ve learned time and time again, it isn’t that hard to find them. One way or another I’ll be seeing Beyoncé perform this year which I’m thrilled about. I just need to be blessed with a job.

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As far as TV shows go, I loved Netflix’s On My Block. It is such a brilliant coming of age story for people of colour. The plot follows four friends as they enter high school and of course, drama ensues because what are the teenager years without hormones and drama. There are serious themes like gang affiliation, racism, deportation, and abandonment but this comedy handles them with grace… You’ll certainly laugh more than you’ll cry with this one. Thankfully it has been renewed for a season two because viewers were left with a huge cliff hanger.


Not much of an update here. Since I’m still looking for a job and my savings are getting lower, I changed my budget. I cut out all of my fun expenses. Luckily for me, I have a bank account with Chime, that doesn’t charge me fees for not having a direct deposit. Also, T-Mobile pays for my Netflix and my Prime membership is still good, so I don’t have to give that up.  Currently, I’m looking into teaching English online so I can get my bank account and savings account flourishing again. Let this be a lesson kiddos, your emergency fund is helpful.


I’ve completed my Winter Reading List and will soon be focusing on my Spring/Summer list. I’d have to rank Dream Hoarders by Richard V. Reeves as my favourite read of the month. It is an excellent book that discusses how the American Upper Middle Class hoards privileges ( best schools, coveted internships, best neighbourhoods, etc)  from the bottom 80% of Americans and the social mobility implications of this trend.

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My second runner-up is A Sister’s Secret by Cydney Rax. This book was given to me by NetGalley for review purposes, and I pleasantly enjoyed it. It was a quick read that gave me break from the harsh realities in Dream Hoarders. It was a real page turner as you follow the lives of these five sisters who vowed to stick together after the death of their mother. From baby daddies to broken-hearts to ex-husbands to parenthood troubles to high powered jobs, you see it all with these sisters who live very different yet realistic lives.  That said, I want all of these sisters to go to therapy. With all of the drama, secret, and betrayal they deal with someone outside of the family needs to help them. Don’t be discouraged by the heavy stuff; there are light moments that offer laughter. A second book will be coming out later this year, I’m looking forward to learning more about the sisters then.

Thanks all I’ll have for you good people. Expect the regular Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, posting schedule to resume tomorrow. Thank you all for sticking with me if you’re reading this.


Aitza B