Screenshot My Month – October 2018

Black woman with Marley twists wearing red flannel shirt to recap her month

Hi lovelies, 

Happy November! Flannel season is in full effect! I cannot believe how quickly the month of October went, It was a complete whirlwind for me. From packing to state hopping to country to  getting settled into my new home, I had little time to post on social media. I really wanted to cherish my last weeks and days state side with my family and friends and practice being present. So here’s a screenshot of my month for October.

Personal Development

 I moved to a new country all by myself. It has been challenaging and exciting. I don’t want to write too much about it because I am still adjusting and finding my sweet spot in Spain, but I’m pretty proud of me. This was my firs time leaving North America and to do so by myself is pretty damn impressive if I do say so myself. So kudos to me! 


Despite cutting back my hours for my move, I still hit the comma club with my online ESL side hustle. I’m still trying to figure out what my new schedule is going to be and if I’ll still be capable of working a similar amount of hours. But I made enough in October to significantly pay down my credit card. That also led to a 20 point jump in my credit score so yay for small favors. I also have been researching new credit cards that do no carry foreign transaction fees like my current one. Hopefully when I screenshot my November, I’ll have a new card to tell you about.


If you follow me on IG, you saw the scary picture. To make a long story short, my tooth was infected and I needed an emergency extraction. In the States, it might have cost me $750 because I was in so much pain I went to an out of network dentist. Here in Spain, it cost me 50 USD. Yup, 50! Had I gone somewhere in network it would’ve been free. So that was my money win for the month! 

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Pop Culture 

Netflix rolled out the spooky content to align with Halloween and of course I was all for it. First with The Haunting of Hill House which definitely has some scary and paranormal features, but more than anything explores the themes of family, grief, and the power of unity. On the flip side, I’d say The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was far more demonic and definitely gave off Riverdale vibes. For me, Sabrina was the weakest link but the writing and acting were good. Also, if you know anything about Christianity, keep an eye out for all the religious symbolism. You’ll thank me later. 


I finally got my new glasses. They are the frames Cora from Warby Parker and I picked them up while I was in New York. I also did some window shopping in the store to look for some new sunnies. I think my new frames  go great with my current fall wardrobe and help to set off my go to lip color, Whole Lotta Honey by Clinique .  


I did not do any book reading during the month of October with the exception of La isla bajo el mar by Isabel Allende , which you know has been my continuos Spanish read since August. That said, I’ve put together my autumn reading list and plan to film the video for it this week. So my booktube will be back in full force and more reviews to go. I did purchase The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory on the 30th and will be reading it this week, so look on Twitter for it. 

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I went to New York before I left for Spain and had a blast seeing some of my friends. We did a drunch as our favorite place, Barbounia and then roamed about the city and stopped at Sephora for some shopping.

My best friend Tatian ran in the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative Marathon and I was so thrilled to be able to cheer her on in person. So often I’m chatting with her from far away during her races, but to actually track her and see her finish in person was amazing! 

That’s all I have for October. It was a great month. The start of many beginning I cannot wait to share more with you about my time abroad.