Screenshot My Month – May 2018

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Hi All,

I know it is technically still spring, but the forecast is all summer! The most exciting part of May was saying goodbye to pollen. My car is black again and I couldn’t be happier. I’m kidding, sort of… like a true native Floridian, I thrive in the sunshine so May was my blooming season. Before I get to rambling, let’s go ahead and screenshot my month for May!

Personal Development

Last month I signed up for a 16 week coding boot camp that began yesterday. I’m super excited because my gap year has allowed me to return to things I pushed aside to focus on future career in medicine. The course will be intense and fast paced, but I cannot wait to start building websites and apps. And to extend my tech/ creative side, I’m participating in 100 Days of Drawing/ UI. I’m doing a mash up of the two in order to push my artistic eye and see what can become of my skills.


While I won’t be holding conversations in German anytime soon, I did recognise from phrases while watching this season Archer that made me proud of my progress. And my Spanish is coming back to me like an old friend returning from a long trip. Reading La isla banjo el mar by Isabel Allende has certainly been a helped in refreshing and expanding my vocabulary.


Pop Culture

Netflix and I became best friends again. I was in need of a break from all my books, so I decided to dive into some series that had been sitting in my recommended section for quite some time. 3% or 3 por cento is a Netflix Original Series with an all Brazilian cast is about a dystopian world where a divided society exists in the future. At the age of 20, after living in poverty all their lives, people go through the process to live in a perfect world called the Offshore. It offers some of the most diverse castings I’ve seen in a while and made me question my own morals, ethics, and selfishness.

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Also, Dear White People came back and I loved every minute of it. Season 2 came back with freshness and realistic sense of story telling that sucked me in and made me love the characters even more. The plot lines beautifully captured the complexities of blackness in America, especially in a privilege, predominately white , upper class setting. This season took all the layers of the first season, and showed that in times of uncertainty and adversity black unity does exist despite political or social differences. Given the darkness in 3%, I cherished the comedic moments in DWP.


Most importantly the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle occurred. After finishing season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, I took a two hour nap and dived into all the Royal Wedding festivities. Being the cynical person I am, I did not expect to cry as much as I did. Every time I saw Meghan’s mom, Ms. Doria Ragaland, my eye would start leaking again. Despite being broadcast for the entire world to see, there was something so intimate and pure about this wedding. It wasn’t about tradition or expectation or royalty. We were able to see two people coming together for love (and other societal expectations) and to share that moment with their families and friends. As I mentioned on Instagram and Twitter (follow me if you aren’t already), Prince Harry is my original ginger crush. I’d been waiting for his wedding for ages. I’m so elated my ginger found love and is happy.


This was a very excited finance month, because I signed up for three different personal finance services to check out and review. The first was a Varo account. They are another digital banking company. My intent is to compare this to my Chime account ,which I’ve had for a year.  Additonally I downloaded the Spent app which works similar to Ebates, but you link your bank accounts and credit cards to it. Then there’s the Rize app*, which is an automatic savings account that pays interest. I cannot wait to report back and give you all an update.

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*we both receive $5 when you sign up.


May marked one month of using products from The Ordinary and I can already tell the difference. I’m been using Lactic Acid 5%, Niacinamide 10%, and Alpha Arbutin 2% from the company, and I could not be more pleased with the texture and feeling of my skin. So far each product does what it says and I’ll be making another order so I never run out. Out of all of them, my favourite is the Niacinamide 10% ,because it is everything my oily T-Zone ever needed. My face is  no longer an oil slick that needs to be blotted give or six times a day.



Thanks all I’ll have for you good people. I hope you all enjoyed this screenshot my month.  Be on the lookout for an update to drop tomorrow as well.


Aitza B