Screenshot My Month(s) | March, April, May 2016

Hi all,

As I was scrolling my blog, I noticed I hadn’t posted my monthly recaps. If you follow on IG or Twitter, you have some idea what the last three months have been like, but I’ll share the highlights from my POV.


Meeting Diane Guerrero: Many months ago I’d won a Twitter contest to attend a meet and greet when Diane Guerrero came as our keynote speaker for Hispanic Heritage Month(HMH). During HMH, Mother Nature decided to act up and Diane was unable to make the event. Fast forward nearly 6 month later and she finally arrived.  She’s so cute and tiny, that I wanted to stuff her in my pocket and go shoe shopping with her. She sent a SnapChat video to my friend’s little sister and ate some bomb empanadas. During her talk, she touched on her struggles of dealing with her family’s deportation and her upcoming book In The Country We Love: My Family Divided. She has such an beautiful and uplifting presence. It’s always nice to see latinas thriving and I wish her nothing but the best.

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The Rise of The Better Blue: If you recall, Rivalry Week did not end in our favour, but I swore we would come back ever better and we did. I found myself rushing Franklin Street , and explaining the tradition to Bijan, after we beat Duke.

E. Bijan Takes on Carolina: My dear friend E. Bijan finally made her way up to see me and enjoy a taste of life at Carolina. As you can tell, she had one wild experience from rushing Franklin and meeting Diane. She also was able to live up the jobs of Africa Night. Her being the proud West Coaster she is, she found a taco joint she approves of in little ole NC. This trip was a long time coming, and I”m thrilled she was able to spend the weekend with me and meet all the people I’m always talking to her around. Currently she’s abroad in Spain, and you all should read some of her adventures on her blog or follow her on IG.

Spring Break: Being the true Floridian I am, I proudly claim the title of beach snob, which is why it wasn’t until spring break of this year I made my way a Carolina beach. The girls and I spend the week down in South Carolina at Myrtle Beach. Although the ocean wasn’t the warmest, he had a gorgeous view and there’s nothing like starting your days to an ocean view and dipping your feet in the water. Luckily our hotel had a mini water park inside, so we were able to chill in the hot tub and indoor pool. I would have to stay the most shocking part was finding out Myrtle is a hot spot for Ontarians to vacation. Despite the ugly beach, yes the beach leaves a lot to be desired, I left feeling closer to the girls,and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world.

Out of State Academia : The month ended with a trip down to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina for an academic conference. It was a 4 day trip in a cute little college town. It was nice to get out of NC , my allergies were certainly thanking me, and it was good first academic travel experience. Lot of positive feedback from the crowd, and it was fun to listen to what others were working on. Plus, I met exciting people from my own uni and even impressed some professors. I would like to return to Rock Hill when the weather is a bit more pleasant to snap some photos and enjoy the picturesque scenery it has to offer.


March Madness Comes to an End: My April started off in a bit of a whirlwind. The conference ended on the 2nd, and I was able to return to campus in order to watch the Final 4 game. If you know anything about March Madness and college basketball, you’ll know UNC won. Being the good Tarheel I am, I rushed Franklin ( well took the bus and ran the rest of the way), the proceeded to barhop and celebrate with friends (tis the Carolina Way). We were going to the ship. We were sure we were going to win the ship. Then Monday came and snatched all our hopes and dreams away. Even two months later, it turns to write about it. I took a mental health that after we lost the ship, and spend most of the day in my room. It was just snatched from us at the very end…..It hurt much much much more than that Duke loss. If I never heard that V school’s name again I’ll be good. Le sigh

Return of the Bun: My hair has been out and wild. It’s been coloured and all other creative styles, but I was ready to return to the basics. In addition to embracing my black (dark brown) curls, I went back to bunning. It was only supposed to be a lazy day style, but day after day after day I found myself styling my hair in this manner. It’s a classic look with little fuss and it keeps my hair out of my face. If you’ve been following me on my JTCS, you know I stress not having hair in ones face. Plus, the look shows off my stellar bone structure. lol.

Senior Bar Golf: Bar Golf is a rite of passage, luckily for me I was able to partake in the festivities this year. Every golfer needs a caddy and the perks of being 21 and junior is I got to be a caddy. My golfer had a job interview that day, and her return flight was delayed but her roommates still welcomed me with open arms. We all dressed up with sweaters tied around our shoulders or waists, some of us wore visors and boat shoes, while others opted for sneakers and pulled back hair. The activity is a great way to enjoy the bar scene one last time if you’re a senior and get free drinks if you’re a caddy. My job was to take care of my golfer. There was a lot of selfies, dancing, and being glad we made it out early and sober unlike our peers. I’m going to miss that group next year, but I’m grateful they invited me for this last hooray!


Lemonade in the Rain : I was blessed to see Beyoncé perform in the rain on May 3rd, 2016.  A 45 minute car ride took 3. 5 hours and I nearly missed the introduction, but I got one helluva show for all of my struggles. I have prayed all day that it would not know, but the Lord knew rain was exactly what I needed. This was my second time seeing Beyoncé, but this time I went by myself – technically I rode with my friends but sat alone- so knew what to expect experience wise. Thanks to social media, I knew she’d be performing my favourite song 1+1 aka the only song I knew would make me cry. Well let me tell you, when she began to perform Rocket, the light drizzle of rain we were receiving turned into a down pour. Now I’d come prepared with my raincoat , so I was happily standing out in the rain and protecting my white shirt. As soon as she said the words “Rocket til water fall” the skies opened up and the crowd when wild. She then proceeded to perform the partition chair bit in the rain. File that under things I never knew I needed.

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Then thanks to ligthning the show was suspended for an hour. If there’s one thing I don’t play with it’s ligthning, but the crew said Beyoncé said she wasn’t leaving, and I said neither am I. The show resumed, and I was blessed with 1+1. I had to stop snapping,because I was overwhelmed with emotions. Then came the surprise, the performed Freedom off the new album. It was never one of my favourite songs, but when the water splashed me (thanks floor seat) I was hype. Then the rain came back and I didn’t even put my hood on. Hearing those lyrics in the rain was cleansing, empowering, and spiritual. I know I sound like a crazy person, but it’s the only way to explain it. I could go on and on about this but I won’t. Just know it’s a night I won’t forget.

Senior Marshal: Back in April I earned the title of senior marshal. It had been on my list of things I wanted to be part of my college career. There’s going to be a lot of event planning and attending various activities and meetings on campus,but I’m super excited. One of my first duties was volunteering at the senior Bell Tower climb. Let me tell you that heat was no joke, and God bless low buns and baseball caps. Yet my favourite duty thus far has been assisting with class of 2016’s graduation.So many of my friends graduated this year and usually I would have been home by graduation day, but this year I was able to watch them march in, snap some pictures with them, and have fun with my fellow marshals.

Bye Bye Off Campus Living: For the last three years I’ve been hauling my stuff into a room every August and lugging it back out every May, but those days are gone. When I packed up the last of my things this May, it was for the last time. As much as living on campus can be a pain at times, I’m going to miss the convenience of it all.Bus lines just a short walk away. My job being right up the hill.  Returning to my room midday for Hulu and lunch. This transition with prepare me for post grad life, help to build my credit score, and put a bit more money in my pockets.

ATL for RSA: To finish off the month, I spent my Memorial Day Weekend down in Atlanta at another academic conference. This one had me a bit more nervous, because it was a national conference with less undergraduates presenting. Everything went smoothly, people assumed I was a graduate student, and once again I impressed some important people! Additionally, I roamed around the city, meandered around Spelman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta, visited with my uncle and godmom, and relaxed at the JazzFest.

I’d love to know what you all have been up to the last few months. Drop me a line and let me know.

Until Next Time,
Itza Bri
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