Treat Yo Self

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine

Hi All,

As you all know I’ve been going hard in the paint about September being my birthday month. One of my goals is finding little treats and pick me ups that won’t break the bank. One way I’ve been able to do that effectively has been with Groupon. 

My college town is surrounded by major cities, so there’s some really neat deals on local spas, wax centres, and other shops in that realm. Since I’m traveling this upcoming weekend for my birthday, I’ve decided to get my nails done before  hand. Nothing too special but a little TLC never hurt anyone. That’s where Groupon enters.  

Knowing that I’m looking for places in the spa / wellness category I go to that section of the website:
From there I browse and look for a location that’s close to campus, has good reviews, and fits my budget. 

To my luck there’s numerous locations that’s offering nail deals for under $25 dollars. The great thing about this is you don’t have to focus on nails. If you want to get a skin treatment to work on your hyperpigmentation or acne they have those too. This portion of the doesn’t limit you to just one feature. Hey, if you’re feeling generous you might pick up a deal for a friend to tag along and have a girls day and treat yourself 

Until Next Time,
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