TV Characters on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List – Blogmas Day 4

This holiday season we're checking the list twice to see which TV characters make the final cut on Santa's Naughty or Nice list. #blogmas
If you missed it, check out day 3 of blogmas.

On the 4th day of Blogmas Aitza gave to me, a Naughty or Nice  List of my favourite fictional realities!


Four days in and this rhyming thing is getting harder, but I won’t give up. Anywho…onto today’s Blogmas. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about my love for pop culture and binge-watching, but it is one of my few constant sources of joy. So I decided to take characters from my favourite shows and pen a character naughty or nice list.

2017 TV Character Naughty or Nice List


Lord John Grey from Outlander

What can I say about my precious cinnamon roll Lord John Grey? He spends his days lusting after Jamie like the majority of us. He agreed to marry his dear friend so that he could raise the love of his life’s son. Not to mention he is always there when Jamie needs him. He does have his faults, like owning enslaved people. Since I also read the books, I’m going to give him a pass and put him on the nice list, because he overall continues to be the real MVP

Iris West Allen from The Flash








She held down Team Flash for 6 months while Barry was trapped in the speed force. I think she still has her job as a journalist. And all her big moments were overshadowed by her white friends and their needs, and she handled it all with grace and kindness. So yes, give Iris all the gifts this year, even if she won’t be spending the holiday with her new hubby.

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Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders

I love me some mobsters, so Tommy Shelby has a special place in my heart. I appreciate his love for the Peaky Blinders and his family unit, but Mr Shelby is ruthless. Killing people, disrupting posh establishments with fights, being a big ole ho. Sorry to say, but Tommy is going on the naughty list this year.

Charley Bordelon from Queen Sugar

Charley had rebirth this year. She freed herself from her cheating ex. She strategized when the racist people tried to force failure on her. She finally made peace with her position in her paternal family. When it was time to give back to the community, she worked to shine a light on those who had helped her. She is an angel, and I want her to receive lovely things from Santa this year.

John Silver from Black Sails

I love Silver. He has my heart – highly influenced by Luke Arnold’s attractiveness- he profoundly loves Madi and cares for her people. So it is very hard for me to write this, but Silver would make the naughty list this year. My curly haired pirate spent months lying and scheming to his friends and love. While I get why he did it, he set himself up and hurt a lot of people. So no gifts for you this year Mister Silver.

Issa Dae from Insecure

Issa is a mess. A hot mess! I want to put her on the nice list so she can replace half the stuff she broke during her fit of rage since sis is broke. Unfortunately, Issa showed no real growth this year and wasn’t trying to help herself. I don’t think stupidity should be rewarded, so Issa is going on the naughty list this year.

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Randall Pearson from This Is Us

Out of The Big Three, Randall is my favourite. I need someone to find a way to make this character a real person so I can marry him and have two adorable children with him. He is the representation of black manhood and fatherhood we do not see often enough in pop culture. He’s corny and nerdy and everything pure in the world. He’s number one on the nice list this year.

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones 

My fellow petite boo has endured some challenges and learnt some tough lessons. She may be a trained assassin, but deep down, she is still kind girl willing to use her privilege to aid the small folk. For that Arya makes the nice list and hopefully gets a new sword.

Michael Burnham from Star Trek: Discovery

Michael is my girl. She is good at everything She has a kind heart and always tries to do the logical thing and right thing. Yes, she kinda sorta started a war, but she’s learning her human emotions aren’t a bad thing and offering aid to end the war. For that, I’m putting my little human Vulcan on the nice list.



I could make this naughty or nice list longer with about 20 additional TV characters, but who has time for that. So I’ll leave you with these nine cinnamon rolls and hot messes.

 If you have any characters you feel should be added to the naughty or nice list, please drop them below. 

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Iris West Allen makes Santa's Nice list. Find out the others who are on the naughty or nice list this #blogmas #theflash