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If you aren’t new to my blog, you’ve probably noticed I don’t discuss the nitty gritty part of blogging. It isn’t usual for me to discuss hosting services, engagement tactics, or revenue. But I will do it for the sake of saving some coins and helping other bloggers do the same. That’s where ViralTag comes in. You see, with an honest review, you get six months of service for free. Since I’ve enjoyed ViralTag in my professional and personal life, I thought I’d share it with you all.

What Is ViralTag?

ViralTag is a social media management tool. You can schedule all your social media posts in one place. I’m talking Twitter, Facebook Page and Profil, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. It comes with the option to use the chrome extension, so if you’re visiting a site you can easily schedule content. You have the option to resize photos. ViralTag is an image-focus tool, which is great for people looking to share captivating images or inspirational quotes in a visual form. They are even integrated with Canva, which makes it ideal for bloggers or small business owners in charge of their graphics.

ViralTag is offers Canva integration, making it easier for bloggers to share their graphics

Why I’m Giving ViralTag a Go

Recently I’ve been struggling stay engaged with my Tumblr crew. I can’t use HootSuite or Buffer to schedule posts, and I’m not  pleased with Tumblr mobile app. My image posts have been failing to upload and my source links have been rejected. Since I’ve been using ViralTag that hasn’t been an issue. With the regular posting schedule, I’ve seen an increase in my engagement and followers.

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Not to mention I have to option to set up Evergreen content. This means it’ll be reposted whenever there’s an empty spot in the schedule. I enjoy this because there’s certain content I like to be shared often. It is a great way for me to save time, as I don’t have to log into an account in order to share this content.

The evergreen option on ViralTag allows me to effortlessly share highlight content

The part that completely won me over was their customer service. The ViralTag team did an excellent job at getting back to me when I had issues connecting my Tumblr account. There’s nothing I love more than fast and effective customer service.

How I’m Saving Coins

If I were to use a similar service, I’d be spending more and be receiving limited posting options. The ROI on this well worth it. The 9.99 monthly price bloggers receive, is something I can definitely fit into my budget. It’ll allow me to post on Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If  you’re a business looking for more platform options, ViralTag have several options for those who need require more than three platforms starting at $24 monthly.


Have any of your tried ViralTag? If you’re a blogger what tools are you using to stay engaged? 



Until Next Time,

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