Warby Parker Try-On At Home

waby parker home try on experience

Happy Monday!

If you remember a few months back I posted about Warby Parker’s Spring Collection .Well, about a month ago I tried the Warby Parker Free Home Try-On’s.

If you recall, I was in love with Finch in Bellini and Laurel in Peacock Green . Well when I got them, they weren’t what I expected. It could be that I did not have my summer glow or my undertones, but I wasn’t wowed when I tried them on.

The Home Try-On Experience

Since other frames such as Preston in Maraschino  and Finch in Violet Magnolia weren’t options, I tried out Chelsea in Whistler Grey ,Laurel in Tea Rose Fade, and Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise . Of course, I did what every college-aged millennial does these days, I whipped out my iPhone and sent selfies to my friends and asked my roomies.

Chamberlain                                  Chelsea                          Laurel in Tea Rose                                   Finch                             Laurel in Peacock 

After that little social experiment, I decided to wear Chamberlain and Laurel in Tea Rose Fade out for the day with my contacts on. I was sure Laurel would be it, because I tried on Prada in Journal Red at the eye doctor, yet it was Chamberlain that stole my heart.

warby parker home try on experience for a day | petitelypackaged.com
Laurel in Tea Rose Fade
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warby parker home try on experience for a day with chamberlain | petitelypackaged.com
Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise

So after I did some investigating to make sure I was getting a fair price as far as my lenses go, they wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg, I decided Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise would be my new specs. I placed my order this week, so I’ll update you all once they arrive. I’m still trying to decide which sunnies I’ll be getting, but that’s for another day.


Until Next Time,
Aitza B