Warby Spring 2016 to the Rescue?

Hi lovelies,

I hope  Fat Tuesday is treating you well. Hopefully you’ve had your cup of coffee or tea like me and are well on your way to a productive day. 
If you follow me on my personal twitter account, you’ll know I broke my favorite pair of sunglasses almost two weeks ago. It was an unusually bright morning  even though the forecast said it would be overcast until well into afternoon, so I thought I could spend most if not all of the day in my glasses. Sic! Well I had to change into my contacts which for some reason were a pain that morning chewing up time I didn’t have to feed. Once that was done I went rushing to find my standard day to day specs that complement my features well.
Me wearing my lost sunnies. I still holding on to them as if they’ll magically fix themselves one day when I return from class!
Unfortunately rushing to catch the bus + missing keys + grabbing snacks + dropping sunnies and rushing pick them up + overactive feet  =/= recipe for success. 
My sunnies broke and that meant I had to find my spare pair and quickly mourn those of the black , polarised specs that have been kind to me for 5 months. 
Since I do not leave the house without a pair of sunnies , yes even in the heart of winter, I knew I needed to find a replacement quickly. As I’m also in the market for a new pair of glasses, I decided to check out Warby Parker’s sun collection. I saw frames I fancy quite nicely, but it wasn’t until a week later that I found pairs I just might add to my own collection. 

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The Spring 2016 line has taken some of the company’s classic frames and given them a exciting, colourful, and lively twist. Since Warby Parker has a home try on program, where you are given 5 pairs to try out for 5 days, I’ll certainly be giving posting more about their new eye glasses line once I get a new prescription.

Since I tend to stick to basic colours such as navy, grey, black, white, or military green a bright pair of frames would liven up my look. When the time comes I’m definitely trying out Finch in BelliniLaurel in Peacock Green, and Preston in Maraschino , but enough about the specs. We all know I’m really here for the sunnies.

Taking a different approach the Sun Collective kept the original frame silhouettes but entirely revamped the lenses that were offered. As an add bonus some of the frames have new colours with subtle hint of shiny and flash to capture one’s attention.

As you might be able to guess, Laurel 16 in Bellini is a must try for me. While Beckett 16 isn’t completely black like my previous frames were, the close tapered style is close. Depending on how I’m feeling, how my wallet is looking, I might have to splurge and cop the Piper in Digital Horn with Peony. Those would go perfectly with my monochrome or simplistic style wardrobe. The hints of creme, black, and brown make for versatile frames. 
I plan to order my box of 5 frames this week, so you should all be on the look out for a follow up post. 
Also since it’s Black History Month, I’d like to say I love,love,love that there are numerous black models on this site. Representation truly matters and it makes me want to give this company my coins even more. So often most black models on sites such are light skinned. It is refreshing to see someone similar to my skin tone wearing a product I’m interested.
I’d love to know if any of these frames speak to you. Which frames do you think would look good on me and come to my rescue? And have you also accidentally brown your favourite pair of sunglasses? Let me know below or on social media.
Until Next Time,
Aitza Briauna

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