What to Wear – The Art of Layering

Hi yall,

Long time no chat. I finished my midterms, went on spring break, and got a bomb tan(pictures are coming)! While I was on break the weather on campus was warmer than the beach weather. Unfortunately, a few days after my return spring disappeared. With nightly temperatures in the late 30s and daytime temperature in the high 40s, my shorts and sandals were stored away again. Now I’m back in coats and boots and layering clothes.

Over the next few days the weather will be warming up again, but the mornings will still be quite cold. That is where the importance of layers will come in for me. As a native Floridian I didn’t grow up layering clothes like my mom did, so have spent a lot of time figuring what works best for my slender and petite frame. Being able to add or remove layers with ease with the changing temperature throughout the day or even in the office is key to making sure you are at your optimal comfort level during the day.

The Art of Layering Clothes

Base Layer:

This should be your lightest layer. For this look, I opted for a flannel button down. If the temperature had been colder, a basic black tee would have been my first layer. For my bottom half, I chose fleece lined leggings with feet. I like the footed option because I can wear booties without my ankles freezing.


Mid Layer 

This is next layer that adds a boost. You might want fleece, merino wool, polyester. A crew neck sweatshirt is what I wore on this given day. It is lightly lined with fleece which gives me extra warmth without the bulk. If for some reason I was in a building with the heat blazing, I could easily remove my mid layer and still look presentable. 

Outer Layer

This is the layer that provides your insulation. This could be a thicker fleece, wool coat, or hard shell coat. I opted for a light wool coat. If I were in somewhere like Michigan or New York or Vancouver, I might have opted for a puffer vest under my wool coat.


Accessories: These are small items you can use to add a flare to your look as well as warmth to your morning, yet are easy to remove throughout the day. As pictured I’m wearing a knitted beanie. It’s great for the morning when it’s a bit nippy, but comes off quickly without fuss and fits into my bag easily.


I feel that this can be applied to almost any climate or region with tweaks. It helps with this odd transition time of the year because nobody likes to be cold one minute then hot the next.

Until Next Time,
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