What To Wear: Basketball Game Day

Hi all,

Happy Thursday…well I hope it’s happy for you. The weather is dreary and all my professors want to show films in class today which means I’m highly caffeinated! I feel as thought I would be more receptive to viewing these very insightful and educational clips from my warm and cosy bed, but no such luck.

Anywho, I wanted to share my go to look for a game day. I don’t own many shirts with my school’s logo or name on them. The ones I do own fit me like a night shirt. Petite girl problems anyone? (I know my next shirt is coming out of the youth section.) So the next best thing is to find a piece of clothing I can accessorize to ensure I’m still representing.

For us showing pride for basketball is how most southern universities show pride for football. People start to show up and tailgate roughly three ours before tip off. The kiddies are blabbing about their favourite players. The alumni are plentiful. The scalpers are always in the parking lot trying to score some tickets or make a hustle. They all have on their blue,  so when you enter the dome  there is nothing but a sea of blue in the stands.  My contribution to ensuring the swarm of people looks more like the sky, I opt for an uniform similar to the one I wore on Saturday.

Skinny jeans, a fitted t-shirt( I have light blue, white, and white with stripes), comfy flats, and a blue accessory. Since the weather was nice a threw on a grey, cotton, shawl jacket with the sleeves rolled up 3/4ths. After the game when it cooled off and we went grocery shopping I topped the look off with my military jacket,because who doesn’t love the art of layering lol. 
Also  on  game days I try to carry as little as possible ,so there was no purse, just a wristlet. I suggest everyone only carry on wallet or small crossbody bag is you don’t have to go through the inspection line. As we waited in line others were dressed in similar fashion with their own tweaks such as blue hair ribbons or statement necklaces. 
On top of sporting a minimalist look , our team won the game! So all in all it was Saturday well spent.
Do  you frequent basketball games at your uni? If you’re an alum do you return to certain games? What do you like to wear to sporting events in general?
Until Next Time,
top – H&M // jeans – H&M // flats – Target  (similar)// scarf – Kohl’s

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