What to Wear: Petite Clothing

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Hope you have been enjoying the week so far. We’re having a heat wave where I am, so I’m staying under a fan/in an air conditioned building as much as possible. Not to mention as soon as my workday is over, I find myself slipping into the thinnest, loose fitting articles of clothing I can find.

As you call can tell by the title, clothing fit and sizes is what I want to discuss today. It’s safe to assume many marvel at how clean and flawless most celebrities look in their clothes. Now some of that is attributed to photoshop, some it is attributed to tailors,  and some of it is attributed to finding sizes that best compliment your body.

From several passing conversations with strangers and acquaintances or in depth conversations with friends, I’ve found there’s a misconception amongst my age group who is classified as petite. When I make comments such as “They never had this in my size at the store,so I ordered it off line in petite,” generally the response is “Yeah, petite sizes were made for people like you.” That’s translation for “It’s made for you skinny,pint sized, XXS wearing, nonexercising heaux!” which isn’t necessarily true. Over the years the connotation for petite as become synonymous with someone who does have my body type and made such a look the poster child for what and who is petite.

Achieving the oversized petite look,because regular sized looked like I was playing dress up.
Peep how this dress hits above the knee. The regular size didn’t. Also don’t my legs look super toned.
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The truth is your weight typically as nothing to do with whether you classify as someone who can wear the petite clothing. The sizes range from 00-14 , some brands even carry up to size 18. Most of the time, you’ll hear the rule of thumb 5’4 or under, but there are exceptions to this,because proportions matter. If you have an individuals who is 5’7 with a rather short torso, a petite blouse might benefit this individual.

But since I’m a vertically challenged individual, I’ll share with you, my own experience and the benefits of petite garments. Petite clothing is designed to fit and flatter petite bodies. The cleaner cuts and less fabric have made me look and feel as if I’m 6’2 instead of 5’2 and made shopping much more fun because the slack in the shoulder area or extra material covering my feet even with “short” sizes is nonexistent. Let’s be real, sometimes hemming pants and skirts can mess with sihloutte of the item you feel in love with. So here’s some of the many benefits that can help you if you’re a size 4 or 14 in petite, and it might even save you a few extra bucks.

 Benefits of Petite Garments

Shops I Frequents for Petites:


Continue to have lovely weeks and do share any other stores you know that offer petite sized apparel.
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