Where is Summer?

Hi lovelies,

Hope life has been treating you well. Exams are over. Summer plans have been made. Moving has occurred. Once again, the south has let me down weather wise. One day it is almost 90 degrees, and the next day it’s barely 60. All this is telling me that summer is going to be unbearable, and I’m forever grateful I won’t be spending it back home in Florida.

On the bright side, these photos I thought would be seasonly dated actually work, because there is no summer.

While I didn’t wear the coat featured here, although when I wear it I feel like Iris West from The Flash, I certainly did throw on my BR military jacket. My mommy , the proud Detroiter she is, laughed at her Sunshine (state) baby! 

The sun isn’t out, but my colour is poppin! 

Had I worn this outfit over this week, I would’ve swapped the boots for some flats. Likely my favourite nude flats or its sister the leopard print pair. 

I do hope summer weather returns soon, because I’m more than ready to retire my  sweaters, jeans, and long sleeves for linen tops, airy dresses, and sleeved shirts.m, because let’s face it, I have great clavicles. The world shouldn’t be robbed of them!
Until Next Time,
Aitza Briauna

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